One tattoo design that you may want to consider is the sugar skull tattoo. Sugar skull tattoos are not a main stream tattoo, but they do have a popularity. Sugar skulls are a proud symbol of the Mexican culture. Sugar skull tattoo designs can be.

Such an amazing sleeve!

25+ Japanese Water Tattoo Designs

Inkadinkado Mounted Mindscape Anchor Rubber Stamp

Inkadinkado Mounted Mindscape Anchor Rubber Stamp

Accessorize your craft assignments with lovely inked impressions using the Inkadinkado Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp. This stamp features a cool design and can be used with your favorite colored inks or a

I'm gonna be covered with tattoos one day and some of these are gonna make it to the canvas that is my body

Zentangle - the art of doodling, anyone can so it! Check out this cool Seahorse zentangle This would make an awesome tattoo

Some day I will have sleeves-long, elegant, and holding my life story.

We love full sleeve tattoos on women, so of course this is one of our favorite galleries! Click through to see some tattoos of women with full sleeve tattoos.

A different take on an anchor tattoo.LOVE it! by jeannine

carolinaa collected watercolor flower tattoo on rib for girls in Fancy Tattoos. And watercolor flower tattoo on rib for girls is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 8373 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about watercolor for girls.

Oceans Apart Traditional Tattoo Print. $18,99, via Etsy.

flash-art-by-quyen-dinh: Oceans Apart - Quyen Dinh Print at Parlor Tattoo Prints on Etsy!, awww cute idea but wouldn't get

The compass that leads me home when I am lost in my grief and sadness but most of all disappointment that you where never there                        -monserrate

Compass with anchor and bird. Anchor signifying the people, places, and things in our lives that keep us grounded and connected and the bird represents future opportunities.