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Henry Robert Morland  Woman Ironing - Notice how nice her lappets look pinned up like that

National Museums Liverpool A servant’s manual labor is sweetened into domestic idyll in Henry Robert Morland’s eighteenth-century painting of a laundry maid. Shift sleeves poking out of jacket sleeves.

"The Benevolent Cottager" by Francis Wheatley. Is she just wearing her stays?

"The Benevolent Cottager", after Francis Wheatley, ca. City of London Corporation 1294 Note the green linen/wool gown on the chld, the stays worn in public on the lady,

- century - woman's outfit with mixed print fabrics (jacket in solid, skirt in stripes, apron in floral, neckerchief in plaid-checks)

The kercheif

English school, possibly John Hoppner - last quarter century - Grogan and Company : Full Details for Lot 4

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The Attentive Nurse by Jean Siméon Chardin, 1747. Women -- Clothing & dress -- 1700-1799 -- France. 18th century, French. She is wearing a white bedgown with a pink design (flowers?), a striped petticoat (skirt), a pink pinner apron, and and a sheer white neckerchief. Her head may have a white ruffled cap covered with a white head kerchief. She appears to have white stockings and black mules with high heels.

The Attentive Nurse by Jean Siméon Chardin, (Bedgown with pink/red print, pink apron, striped petticoat - pattern clashing!