Then I said goodnight and tucked you away inside a place called Nostalgia where you'll always remain unspoiled, somewhere between my lungs that used to breathe ocean air, and my belly that fluttered with hope.- Victoria Erickson

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Through the good times and bad it's always there. Brings back the good times that I can smile about or be sad about. I think I'll smile. :)

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I lay awake and wondered if he was happy. I thought he must be bursting with it, or maybe he was just like me. Maybe he was trying to fill the space with girls who always left him emptier than before. Maybe he would remember me and regret the way we ended. Or maybe he was in love and I was the only one who couldn't move on. Maybe I was just projecting my own feelings onto him.

Life. I know this young brother from my former congregation,nice young brother/his wife I have never met,Mom ,and sister,I have met,nice Christian family/friend ()()ew51913

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It's hard to look at you but it's even harder to understand why you never apologized to my face for what you did to me. You apologized like a coward; over the phone. It didn't even sound sincere at all.

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