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Black Aces custom Mosberg 500

Sword Chart

Sword Forms

The FOX Slingshot / Slingbow Hunting System Oak by LibertyOST, $51.00

Gun laws don't work because CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY THE LAW. Everyone should open carry.

Keep calm

Gun Control advocates are just ignorant!

U.S. Guns of World War II

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Do anti-gun politicians really think making us helpless will reduce crime? Are they really that dumb? or do they think WE are?! BOTH!

Bond Arms Backup.

Backup - Bond Arms


This gun is designed to break apart for easy transport and storage, making it almost half as long as the fully assembled rifle. And because the scope is mounted on the barrel itself there’s no shift in the zero whatsoever. THINK ABOUT: A fast handling take down lever action rifle with an overall length of as little as 35 inches, that weighs as little as 6 1/2 lbs. and has MOA accuracy.


Favorite/Funny Gun Quotes & Pictures - The Firing Line Forums

S .410 / .45 Long Colt / .45 ACP. shave the hammer and I'd be all over that.

Smith & Wesson Governor stats | Guns Lot

410/45 pistol

Bond Arms Quality Control - KTOG - Kel Tec Owners Group Forum

Heizer HD1, .410 pocket shotgun Pocket Shotgun??!!

Shot 2013: Heizer HD1, .410 pocket shotgun

James Reid Knuckle-Duster Revolver WITH SAFETY ... The Reid knuckleduster is just the right weapon for a bar room brawl or a poker game gone wrong. These .22 caliber brass frame revolvers carry five shots and the solid frame and trigger guard form a set of brass knuckles, ca. 1868-1888, USA .

Types of Bows

Composite Bows: Weapon of Ancient Nomadic Equestrian Cultures

Cabela's: DeSantis Concealed Carry Holster

DIY Kydex holsters for under $ 10 each.

Explosives  Neat

Here’s a guide to what a bullet really means when it slams into/grazes a hero/villain or sidekick/henchman on the silver screen. Creative writing guide.

Infographic: The Bloody Truth About Cinematic Bullet Wounds

The Badass Adapter For Your 12-Gauge Shotgun That Turns It Into An ‘Ultimate Survival Rifle’

A Guide To Deduction

A Guide To Deduction