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Great photo of a Russian KV-2 tank.

A Soviet Heavy Tank. Whilst thickly armoured and armed with a potent howitzer, these behemoths were unreliable, and could only operate on a level surface due to the weight and height of its turret.

View from an American A-20 Havoc aircraft during a bomber run against a Japanese airfield 1943-1945. Note Ki-21 aircraft about to be destroyed.

View from an American Havoc aircraft during a bomber run against a Japanese airfield, Note aircraft about to be destroyed.

Barangkali ini adalah salah satu kejadian paling tidak biasa yang terjadi pada saat Perang Dunia II. Seorang Defector / Pembelot musuh memimpin satu gugus tempur pesawat musuhnya untuk menyerang dan membom markas pusat bekas tempat dia sendiri pernah berdinas. Dia adalah Letnan Minoru Wada.

acific War US Navy Bomber guided Japanese Army officer Minoru Wada

Seperti yang kita tahu dari buku-buku sejarah, Jepang menjajah Indonesia terhitung sejak awal tahun 1942 hingga pertengahan tahun 1945 yang diakhiri dengan proklamasi kemerdekaan Indonesia. Kita pun juga tahu bahwa Jepang sempat menjadi kekuatan yang besar dan disegani di Asia Pasifik sebelum akhirnya dibuat bertekuk lutut oleh Amerika Serikat pada tahun 1945.

The long-range Mitsubishi Zero typified the highly maneuverable, but lightly armored, fighter design.

An Italian alpine unit on the move during the Italian Campaign (or the Mountain War), 1915

Italian alpine units climbing a steep slope during World War I.While World War I is particularly known for its trench warfare, one interesting part of WWI history was the Alpine wars of Northern Italy. Perhaps those who faced the worst conditions were the

Purported photo of Alois Brunner, Eichmann's most brutal SD murderer. He was reported dead of natural causes in 2010.

Alois Brunner was Eichmann's personal assistant and right hand man, and he was single handedly responsible for sending an estimated Jews to their deaths. He was the most wanted Nazi war criminal in the world and he died in 2010 in Damascus, Syria.

VW typ 166 Schwimmwagen

A Surrendered Schwimmwagen Type 166 (WH and a BMW 75 Motor bike & side car with other vehicles of the Infanterie Division (Wehrmacht) at the Brenner Pass, on the Italian – Austrian Border.