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Shopcaster - Nella Cucina: The Smoking Gun is a handheld food smoker from @polyscience that allows you to quickly smoke anything- butter, oysters, cocktails, salads, chocolate..


Rotary Club The PolyScience culinary evaporator package gives you unlimited possibilities in evaporation, distillation, concentration of flavours, and purification of liquids. The vacuum aspirator pump enables evaporation at temperatures as low as 95°F/35°C. Obtain essential oils that can be used to infuse or intensify flavour without affecting texture or composition of your creation €6,660


Halibut is one species that holds up well using the sous vide technique. - Photo courtesy of PolyScience and Bergonia Photography

How to properly store and cook with fresh herbs via @CookSmarts #flavor #herbs

Keep it Fresh with Herbs

How to properly store and cook with fresh herbs via @CookSmarts #flavor #herbs

The Water Circulator A circulator from Polyscience designed to maintain a water bath temperature to within a tenth of a degree. The ping pong balls floating on top serve as an insulator, helping the bath to maintain its temperature