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For design geeks, film nerds and furniture fans: Film and Furniture is a lovingly curated website directing you where to find the furniture, décor and art you…
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two pictures side by side one with people sitting at a long table and the other with chairs
Please be seated for the oak chairs in Spectre boardroom
a child is sitting on the floor in an empty hallway with red and black walls
The Power of Pattern: The carpet in The Shining / a chat with Patternity - Film and Furniture
I'm fascinated by pattern. As a matter of fact, the inspiration behind Film and Furniture was the famous patterned carpet in the corridor of the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick's The Shining.
an empty swimming pool in front of a white house
Film and Furniture
The Bridge featured the villain living in Villa M2 which is designed by Jonas Lindvall, a Swedish architect and furniture designer, so the whole set was full of his designs. More on furniture in films and Scandinavian design on the website...
a man sitting at a table in front of a light fixture and another photo of him
Film and Furniture
Poul Henningsen Artichoke glass pendant lamp for Louis Poulsen in Borgen (as featured in our interview with Skandium on furniture in films and Scandinavian design)
a woman sitting in front of a computer on top of a white chair next to a window
Film and Furniture
Cameron Diaz sits in a white Eames chair in The Holiday (more in our interview with Skandium on furniture in films and Scandinavian design on the website)
an image of a woman with blonde hair holding a coffee mug and looking at the camera
Film and Furniture
Cylinda Line jug with ice lip by Stelton in Star Trek. More in our interview with Skandium on furniture in films and Scandinavian design over on the website
two people sitting on chairs in a living room next to a table with a lamp
Film and Furniture
Daniel Craig sits on a Barcelona Chair (designed by Mies Van de Rohe) in Casino Royale (from our feature 'From Iron Man to Mad Men: we discuss furniture in films and Scandinavian design with Skandium')
a living room with red and blue furniture
From Iron Man to Mad Men: we discuss furniture in films and Scandinavian design with Skandium - Film and Furniture
Skandium is the leading retailer in the UK for high-end modern Scandinavian design, both recent creations and vintage classic designs. Many design pieces (Scandinavian and otherwise) featured in their beautiful shops have graced the silver screen and since furniture in…
a woman standing in front of a radio set with speakers on the wall behind her
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Mia's reel to reel tape deck in Pulp Fiction - Film and Furniture
When Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) takes Vincent Vega (John Travolta) back to the Wallace house in Pulp Fiction, she wanders over to a stunning silver reel to reel tape deck and plays Urge Overkill's - Girl, You'll Be a Woman…
a man standing in an office holding a box
Film poster on Peggy's office wall in Madmen series 6 - Film and Furniture
I couldn’t help but lose the plot (literally) and find myself staring at the poster on Peggy’s office wall in series 6 of Madmen - a captivating design for a film festival at New York’s Lincoln Centre. The handwriting looks…
a red truck is parked in front of a glass building surrounded by trees and bushes
Modernist glass house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Film and Furniture
The glass house from the cult 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off has been sold for $1.06m (£632,000). The Rose House in Illinois, near Chicago was designed by architect, museum curator and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) teacher A. James…
the earth is covered in gold and blue dust, as well as other things that are scattered around it
Cosmic carpet - Film and Furniture
I'm a sucker for films about outer space. From Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey to the Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Alien, and more recently - Gravity (to mention a but a few). This beautiful "Spacecrafted" rug featured at May Design Series…
a group of women standing next to each other in front of a crowd of people
All the fun of the fair in film - Film and Furniture
Many great movies have captured the allure of funfairs: Disney's Pinocchio (1940), Brighton Rock (1947), The Third Man (1949), Saturday Night Sunday Morning (1960), Big (1988), Despicable Me (2010), Take This Waltz (2011) and not forgetting Grease (1978). As an article…
there are many old fashioned carriages on display in the store's shop front window
The prop store helping Hollywood films turn back time - Film and Furniture
Here's a short report on the BBC News website on the 'History for Hire' warehouse in LA which has rented out vintage props to movie-makers for films as diverse as The Artist and Pirates of the Caribbean. See the report…
a black chair sitting on top of a white floor
Wassily lounge chair - Film and Furniture
The Wassily lounge chair designed by Marcel Breuer (currently produced by Knoll) crops up in Nine 1/2 Weeks and X-Men: First Class. While an apprentice at the Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer conceived this first tubular chair, which he based on the…