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First Law of Funny Names

Fallacy of the Talking Hero

12 Years a Slave review - Rating 8/10

Rare 1992 Interview With Quentin Tarantino for 'Reservoir Dogs.'

Love this, and the film of course! #movie #Poster

Alison Bechdel: the Bechdel Test for movies: in order to pass, a movie must contain a scene in which two or more named female characters have a conversation together about ANYTHING AT ALL besides men. Not as simple as it sounds.

A Classic Gone With the Wind Proposal Nothing like Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) to propose marriage to Scarlett (Viven Leigh) in a romantic fashion with the famous quote, “I can’t go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands” and shares that oh so steamy kiss!

BULLITT - Lalo Schifrin's Limited Edition Vinyl Release

Charlie Chaplin's Birthday Tribute

Steve McQueen with Jacqueline Bissett on his Triumph during shooting for Bullitt (1968)

Steve Buscemi dressed as John Waters

Orson Welles Never really liked Movies

[read the] Interview of Orson Welles where he says he despises most American Film-makers

Review of Spring Breakers (2013)

ET [Click for more] updated classic movie quotes

Dead Poet Society [Click for more] updated classic movie quotes

Good Morning Vietnam [Click for more] updated classic movie quotes

Alfie is terrific, Michael Caine at Cannes

Audrey Hepburn in New York during the filming of Sabrina. Photo: Dennis Stock, 1954.

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen in "The Purple Rose of Cairo" (1985) directed by Woody Allen.

Jack Lemmon on the set of ‘Some Like it Hot’, 1959.