diy indoor herb garden

Expect More Pay Less

Mason jar labels- Step 1: Download this printable PDF with 12 different labels- go to-click-here!

Mason jar labels

spices in a drawer- with baby food jars and chalkboard paint! Awesome idea!

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Imagine organizing hair clips under the bathroom sink for little Z.


Baby food Popsicle.

Baby Food: Not Just for Babies? Growing Your Baby

Upcycled Holiday Ornaments

DIY Holiday Cat Crafts: Easy Upcycled Holiday Ornaments

Advent Calendar

My Pretty Things: Post #22

alphabet magnets

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magnet set, random adjectives.

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Candy Maracas.

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How to Make Beeswax Candle Crayons in Baby Food Jars thumbnail

Craft Ideas for Baby Food Containers | eHow

Oh Baby (jars for canning)

Oh Baby (jars for canning)! | Salvaged Grace

You’ve Got Baby Food Jars

New Uses for Old Baby Things -

reuse a glass baby food jar

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Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion

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repurposed baby food jars

Tips & Treasures: Repurposed Baby Food Jars

Turn Any Shoes Into Tap Shoes

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Handmade paper baby food jars

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Advent Wreath out of Baby Food Jars for kids!!

Home Made Tea Set

Stalagmites and stalactites

Raising mad scientists: Stalagmites and stalactites

Recycle Baby Food Jars into Terrariums and Tea Kits!

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Tips For Drying And Storing Seeds. Use Baby Food Jars.

Tips for Drying and Storing Seeds

Bath salts in Baby food jars.

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Baby food jar project # 4 I'm a little Copper tea pot

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Polymer Candle Holder. Use a Baby Food Jar instead.

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