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    FT big Interviews

    FT big Interviews

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    Over rare steaks and red wine, one of Aung San Suu Kyi’s closest aides talks about his military past and whether ‘the Lady’ is too big a figure in Myanmar’s opposition.

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    Lunch with the FT: Mariana Mazzucato. Over duck and Pouilly-Fumé in London, the economist talks about ‘austerity craziness’ and the dangers of Silicon Valley ‘free-riding’

    Lunch with the FT: Mariana Mazzucato -

    Over chicken korma in London, Britain’s youngest MP since 1832 talks about Scottish nationalism, her meteoric ascent into Westminster — and debating politics in the pub

    Lunch with the FT: Mhairi Black -

    Lunch with the FT: The Fat Jew. He’s a superstar online, yet you may never have heard of him. Over cocktails at a New York strip club, he explains why big brands want to cash in on his style of profane humour — and why he’d ‘like to get dirty rich’

    Lunch with the FT: The Fat Jew -

    Lunch with the FT: Beppe Grillo. Over seafood in Sardinia, the comedian leading Italy’s biggest protest party says that Greece’s creditors have ‘a kind of illness’, and outlines his revolution to put ‘honest people’ in power

    Lunch with the FT: Beppe Grillo -

    Over soup and red juice in an East End café that helps the homeless, the comedian-activist says capitalism has failed, gives money to a drug addict and tells Lucy Kellaway to shut up. Illustration by James Ferguson of Russell Brand

    Lunch with the FT: Russell Brand -

    Over a specially prepared breakfast, the inventor and futurist details his plans to live for ever. Illustration by James Ferguson of Ray Kurzweil

    Breakfast with the FT: Ray Kurzweil -

    Zaha Hadid talks personal style: Part One - Style - How To Spend It

    Zaha Hadid talks personal style: Part One

    ‘It takes around 15 hours to make one bag, and that bag is almost entirely done by one pair of hands. Everyone knows which is his bag and they get attached to it: it’s part of the magic.’ Axel Dumas, chief executive of Hermès, on the craft of handbags, hostile takeover bids and protecting the family business in ‪#‎LunchwiththeFT‬ Illustration of Axel Dumas by Patrick Morgan

    Lunch with the FT: Axel Dumas -

    An Athenian boxer is fighting the good financial fight for Greece. Illustration byJoe Cummings

    Yanis Varoufakis, Greek finance minister -

    Over prawns in The Hague, the outgoing president of the International Criminal Court talks about growing up in Korea, negotiating in Libya and the difficulties of bringing war crimes to trial Illustration by James Ferguson of Sang-Hyun Song

    Lunch with the FT: Sang-Hyun Song -

    PM keen to resolve country’s divisions and settle the issue of Britain’s role in Europe

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    Osborne heads off to Yorkshire on an intense and immaculately choreographed regional tour, in which the chancellor is the star of his own movie. He has more costume changes than Beyoncé and is placed in locations where you would never expect to find this public-school educated Londoner.

    The reinvention of George Osborne -

    “We made some horrible movies that failed wondrously. Then came ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Heaven Can Wait’ and I was not so ridiculed”. Media mogul Barry Diller talks about Murdoch, making movies in the 1970s and moving into tech in Lunch with the FT

    Lunch with the FT: Barry Diller -

    Last year, Apple was the first company to be valued at $700bn. As it makes a bid to enter the luxury market with the 18ct gold Apple Watch, the brand’s British design visionary, Jony Ive, gives a rare interview to Nick Foulkes. Portrait by Dorothy Hong

    The man behind the Apple Watch

    Over spicy ‘Calcutta Chinese’ food, the novelist talks about the ‘cognitive problem’ that separates India and China, and surfacing for air after completing his epic Ibis trilogy. Illustration by Patrick Morgan of Amitav Ghosh

    Lunch with the FT: Amitav Ghosh -

    The diplomat who has brought informal parties, skateboard ramps and turntables to the ‘special relationship’

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    Over a buffet lunch in Beijing, the Chinese law professor and novelist talks about his ‘nice dream’ for communism, tackling corruption — and how he won over his wife’s family. FT illustration of He Jiahong by Luke Waller

    Lunch with the FT: He Jiahong -

    ‘The only reason I got to do “The Godfather” was that I was cheap, I was young, I was Italian and I was a screenwriter. It was a total stroke of luck. I had no business having such an important movie. I was always on the verge of getting fired. They didn’t like my ideas.’

    Breakfast with the FT: Francis Ford Coppola -

    Business leaders complain he’s anti-capitalist, cartoonists depict him as Mr Bean and his personal polls are dire. Yet he will be prime minister if the Labour party wins the general election — and he certainly believes he is up to the job

    Exclusive interview: Is Ed Miliband ready? -

    Over kale salad in New York, the IBM chief talks about having ‘cyber-conversations’ with half-a-million employees, machines making decisions and why she wishes they’d gone to Starbucks

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    The DeepMind founder’s aim is to make ‘machines smart’. Over seafood dim sum, he talks about computers acting like humans, joining forces with Google, and why eating is time wasted.

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    Anne Stausboll heads the largest pension fund in the US, with a portfolio of investments worth $295bn. Under her leadership Calpers has been crusading for environmental causes and for better corporate governance at the companies it owns, vigorously defending its pensioners’ benefits through the courts and, most recently, fighting to drive down the fees that fund managers charge.

    Anne Stausboll, Calpers CEO: the $300bn woman -

    At a Russian-owned steakhouse in London, the oligarch who crossed Putin explains why he thinks the Kremlin’s current master cannot keep power for ever.

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    Over afternoon tea in London, the director talks about the stage musical of his breakthrough film, Spain’s ‘horrific’ economic troubles — and reveals the title of his next movie

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