Luna Lovegood story - Inspirational and funny story of Evanna Lynch who had to beat anorexia to get the audition for Luna Lovegood role in Harry Potter. She was always my favorite.

jennifer lawrence

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence…

My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended.

My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended. I thought I was the only kid who had a crush on him! First crushhh❤

Friends- Joey

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

most men just stand next to their date and hold their hand or something...and then theres Will Smith. I LOVE WILL SMITH!!!

this is what will smith does on the red carpet. instead of letting her walk first, he does this to highlight how amazing jada is.i knew he was my favorite for a reason.

Cam Gigandet. Literally so hot

The sexiest man alive - Cam Gigandet - love him in the movie Burlesque!

The reunion of The Sound of Music family after 45 years. How cute are they?

The Sound of Music cast - then and now. The Von Trapp Family Lodge is in Stowe, VT. The real Trapp family, which SoM is inspired by, started and ran this lodge. I have friends who stayed there a few weeks ago.

brody from glee (Dean Geyer)

Dean Geyer

Meet Dean Geyer, the South African who will play Brody Weston. I don't even care whot he fuck that is, THOSE EYES

three words, eight letters.....GOSSIP GIRL

Leighton Meester wears a blue floral wedding dress as she and Ed Westwick film a wedding scene for 'Gossip Girl' in Central Park. The ceremony then is interrupted by a police officer that pulls Westwick away from the wedding.

oh, how far you've come. | Harry Potter

HP - Always. I cried the first time I saw the promo posters with Hogwarts on fire. It broke my little Muggle heart. --- it's all changed so much


Cultivating a strong marriage isn't dependant upon feelings or emotion, as much as it is dependant upon the perspective you choose to have. (-My words-Tiffany Taylor) This speaks to that perfectly.