Firebirds Recipes

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Firebirds Recipes

Firebirds Recipes

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Firebirds Wood Grilled Filet

Firebirds Restaurants
  • Robert Dean
    Robert Dean

    The best filet I've ever had

Wood Grilled Salmon

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  • Toni Wilson
    Toni Wilson


  • Kay Johnson
    Kay Johnson

    How can we actually view the recipe?

Spiced Pecan Green Beans

Spiced Pecan Green Beans | Firebirds Restaurants
  • Michele Blais Thomson
    Michele Blais Thomson

    I have had these at the Firebirds in Erie PA ~ they are heavenly!

Firebirds Chili Recipe #fall #food #tailgate

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Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Herb Roasted Prime Rib

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  • Trish O'Connor
    Trish O'Connor

    Got to have one of these dnners for my birthday!

Sweet Potato Fries

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Firebirds Tenderloin Kabobs

Tenderloin Kabobs | Firebirds Restaurants

Sante Fe Pasta

Sante Fe Pasta | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Baby Back Ribs with Java BBQ Sauce

Java BBQ Sauce | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Fried Spinach

Fried Spinach | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Bleu Cheese Filet

Bleu Cheese Filet | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Filet & Shrimp with Key Lime Butter

Filet and Shrimp with Key Lime Butter | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Wood Grilled Salmon

Wood Grilled Salmon | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Port Mushrooms

Port Mushrooms | Firebirds Restaurants
  • KDArtStudio

    Tried these, they were delicious !

  • Jessica Clarke Monahan
    Jessica Clarke Monahan

    Anyone have a recipe? I don't live near firebirds anymore!!

  • Dave Cottrell
    Dave Cottrell

    Would love to get the recipe

Firebirds Southwest Au Gratin Potatoes

Southwest Au Gratin Potatoes | Firebirds Restaurants
  • Diane Kellam
    Diane Kellam

    have to try making them at home..they are YUMMY at Firebirds!

Firebirds Pecan Crusted Trout

Pecan Crusted Trout | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Pepper Crusted Sirloin

Pepper Crusted Sirloin | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Cilantro-Grilled Chicken Breast

Cilantro-Grilled Chicken Breast | Firebirds Restaurants
  • Tracy Logan
    Tracy Logan

    Ah, where's the recipe? I'm getting access denied.

  • Theressa Anthony
    Theressa Anthony

    I had this on my birthday, it was GREAT!

  • Kat Weaver
    Kat Weaver

    http://www.firebirdsrestaur... Your welcome from Birmingham Location

  • Jen Mitten
    Jen Mitten

    The recipe is gone . . does anyone have it?

  • Theressa Anthony
    Theressa Anthony

    I would love to have the recipe.

Firebirds Grouper Oscar

Grouper Oscar with Lemon Caper Sauce | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds French Dip Sandwich

Firebirds French Dip | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Coconut Shrimp

Firebirds Coconut Shrimp | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Meatloaf Gravy

Buffalo Meatloaf Gravy | Firebirds Restaurants

Firebirds Seared Ahi Tuna

Seared Ahi Tuna | Firebirds Restaurants
  • Fred Conger
    Fred Conger

    The link seems to be broken. Does anyone have the dipping sauce receipe for this dish?

Firebirds Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The Story Of Us - Firebirds Restaurants