There is nothing I wouldn't endure for my kids.

I'm just a mom who's doing my best. I'm giving my kids my all and all I can hope is that every day they know that they are the greatest things to ever happen to me.

. . . . and raising some little girls!!

One of the scariest aspects of raising boys is their tendency to risk life and limb for no good reason. With 2 brothers, 3 nephews and 2 sons, TRUE WISDOM!

So so true!

So true. My kids have literally be the reason to keep living for the past few years.the only thing keeping me alive. My two undeserved blessings from God.

For my reasons for living....Jason, Meghan and Kelsey Renee

To my children. My precious child, Wherever your journey in Life may take you… I pray you’ll always be safe, enjoy the ride, and never forget your way back home.