Let me play you the song of my people…

I had a few cats that were proficient in this instrument and drove me nuts with this in the middle of the night. I'd have to get and remove said instrument.

funny kid

This student looks promising…

I laughed a little too hard at this.

So precious…

This little boy is eating his pretzel like Gollum would obsess with his precious.


A guide for really bad parents…

Awesome Book Title Too Late Now. Your Child is an Asshole Awesome Book Title, Too Late Now. Your Child is an Asshole

I. Just. Died.

To infinity and even further…

Should not be laughing at this, but I am! Omg I laughed so hard I started choking and crying lmao! That literally almost killed me!

Tracy, this is you.

This is me. I've given so many people so many chances. But once I'm done. I'm done. I don't care if we said we've made up. Or that you're not mad at me anymore. Once I've decided I'm done.I'm done.

My kids!! Lol

Happy Mother's Day

There is a legend that if you go take a shower and scrams out loud "MOM" three times, a nice lady appears bringing the towel you forgot. Umm bob does this everytime


Solo and Chewy…

Han Solo Chewie Cookie Wookiee T-Shirt Tee "Hans Off My Cookie!" design shows Han "Solo Cup" and Chewbacca "Chewy Chocolate" in some Star Wars food play.


Should I "use soap" too?

Funny pictures about Suspicious quotation marks. Oh, and cool pics about Suspicious quotation marks. Also, Suspicious quotation marks photos.

This is awesome.

Best librarian ever…

Every year this school's librarian dresses up as a book reaper to collect overdue books. Best Librarian EVER. - LOL I wonder if I could get away with this?

Next years Ugly Christmas Sweater! Lol

I’m ready for Christmas…

Ugly christmas sweater party idea that made me really LOL. Ive wanted to have an ugly Christmas sweater party. Guess Im gonna have to just for this sweater!

That's funny!

30 Very Sound Pieces Of Advice

solid advice…Probably not the best wording for a Babies R Us and Toys R Us ad. these are funny!

Laughed so hard.

The moment you realize baby faces are trapped in your knees.bahaha thats creepy!

I wish all stop signs were written this way. I really wish people actually stopped at stop signs.