Click to Download Free Lesson Plan: Aboriginal Bark Painting- Plus lots of other ideas and resources to make this lesson a success.

Aboriginal Bark Paintings: Free Lesson Plan Download

Kangaroo Craft - Joey Paper Plate Craft from

Kangaroo Crafts for Preschool and Elementary Children. Great Teacher Resources for Australia Unit Studies or Australia Day

Outback Sunset Painting Crafts from around the world. (No instructions, just ideas.)

Outback Sunset Painting Crafts from around the world. (No instructions, just ideas.) Could also use for African plains

Letter P Platypus craft! No instructions but it looks easy enough to make. Cute

30 Days of Creativity (Day 20) Platypus

Paper Plate Echidna Craft

Paper plate animal crafts with printable templates for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children.

Australia crafts here:  Man, I think I've died and gone to heav- umm, Oz!

Explore our Australian crafts for kids - including some aboriginal dot art, a homemade didgeridoo, a boomerang craft and a cork hat, Australian animal crafts and Australia Day crafts.

Australian animal - Echidna Art n Craft - Matchsticks

Create your very own multi-coloured emu. child aged months should be able to count to so encourage their counting skills by counting how many spikes are on your echidna.

Put the pencils down! Colour With Nature instead! - free printable templates

Go on 'nature hunt' first and have them attach to turtle. Colour with Nature - Free Animal Templates

Most of the animals in Australia are unique—they live ONLY in Australia. From kangaroos to koalas, they are a fascinating bunch. Once again, Marianne Berkes makes learning fun. Kids will hop, slurp, and munch as they imitate and count the animals. Like Over in the Arctic, the cut-paper illustrations will inspire many an art project. Plus Marianne provides tons of ideas for activities and curriculum extensions about Australia, literature, writing, and animals.

Over In Australia