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cute stuff

cute stuff

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ALcoHoL ooPSyiEs!!!!

Cristmas Fail!

WOW! No holding back opinions here...

Winter's coming, and so is he soon!

Notice the name of # is, "Dog"!!!

Perfect roasters!!!

My new workout regimen is insanely hard. funny - He wishes!!!

Batman pulled over by police...Later calls Robin in to get rid of the paparrazi. Sadl, now more photos than these three!

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Darth Vader Unicycle

I REALLLLY don't know of anyone who would pay me to do that!!! But I'd love to meet 'em!

Okay, and just a dab here, and then a swish there. And the happy smile there....and you have a Bob Ross portrait in less than thirty minutes!

unicorn poop cookies

Reminds me of somebody with a really BAD ATTITUDE, alot of problems, no real happiness, and no solutions!!! Sounds like she knows what she's talking about after all!!! lol

bahahahahaha- priceless!

SO TRUE!!! and the BOOBS are so fake!!!


Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath. ^I DIE!

Oh, come on guys...!!! I promise, I won't tweet photos of us in Las Vagas anymore!!! Let me back in..... pleaseeeeee.....!!!!!!!

You can say that again!!!

For those,"I really want to shoot myself days, but know it's not worth it, and also know my stupid Bitch boss wouldn't pay out to my family for my overtime!"

Irony...hahahaha... This is Too Much!


the more the merrier....

They grow on TREES now??