Fiska Oktaviani

Fiska Oktaviani

Fiska Oktaviani
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We aRE aLL jusT thiS sMAll persoN iN thiS biG worLd- buT noT maNy peoPlE reaLiZE thaT wE havE morE powEr thaN wE can evER kNOw; LOVE.... winsnap: “ Looking at the stars by Luca Zanetti ”

We are all just this small person in this big world- but not many peopie realize that we have more power than we can ever know; winsnap: “ Looking at the stars by Luca Zanetti ”

I like the composition of the photograph. It depicts how small the individual is compared to the rest of the world.

The NEGATIVE SPACE allows DOMINANCE in this photo because the photographer wants us to focus on the silhouettes of the person and the hill. The galaxy and the sky in the background is the SUBORDINATE subject.

black and white, beauty, fashion, photography

A kiss on the hand may be quiet continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend! Love this picture! :: Sparkle:: Glitter:: Glam:: Black and white vintage