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Horses Stock Photography and Equine Images by Mark J. Barrett

The Gypsy Vanner breed is also known as Gypsy Cobs, Tinker Horses, Irish Cobs, and Gypsy Horses.


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Gypsy Cob — There are still a variety of types of Gypsy horses being bred in Great Britain, Europe and now the United States, and these have been given several different names such as Irish Tinker, Trade Cob, Traditional Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob and Romany Horse. All these names are used to describe the type of horse which the Gypsies have bred and used in the British Isles for generations.


I hate it when this happens! Thinking, don't fall! Don't fall! Then awkwardly pushing yourself back up LOL funny horse pictures photos videos - Part 2

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