wowzers.  I wish I had something like this!!!

Not crazy about the color, but the idea is what got me - NO FREEZER! I would love to have a refrigerator that didn't have a freezer as part of it. Then you just add a chest freezer - FYI, frost free freezers contribute to freezer burn!

Yacht designed like an island paradise. Died and gone to heaven.

This is my kinda boat! A cruise in the Pacific on this yacht designed like a Tropical Island Paradise.the ultimate vacation cruise

way to stay warm in the winter!?

outdoor fire grill by waterfall jacuzzi. We had a hot tub water fall into our pool growing up so I'm sure I'll want one one day for nostalgic reasons as well as they are always show stoppers

ill take one of these

Bling Bling toilet ok. This is funny. But wouldn't it be pretty in a bathroom with lots of bling?


Pink & Black Power - I used to dream about having a black camaro with hot pink stripes lol

Indoor Waterfall from Harmonic Environments - custom interior waterfalls

If you are seeking for some breezy outdoors in your home then bringing an indoor waterfall can turn your dwelling into dream house. Indoor waterfalls are the popular and latest trend to capture outdoors in. Water is known for its tranquility and.

Kitchen Nano Garden - a great way to grow your own vegetables in your kitchen. Designed by Lee Hyun-Jung, Park Jae-Yong, Shon Chang-Jin, and Park Seul-Ki.

Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden uses hydroponic technique to grow food. Nano Garden lets you grow vegetables right in your kitchen. Eco Factor: Kitchen vegetable garden grows food without using harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

Lamborghini Countach

1981 Countach This will always be the car that first defined "exotic car" to me. Even today I still think it looks sports cars cars vs lamborghini cars

♂ Purple car Aventador

Veritas RS III Roadster super sports car won the "Best Super Car award in London. Strictly limited hand production of only 30 cars sport cars vs lamborghini sports cars cars

Flat Screen Aquarium

Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Aquarium, shaped out of solid gold, is the worlds rarest, exclusive and most expensive Aquarium . A part of the past is integrated into it in the form of a unique piece of Dinosaur bone from the T-REX.

swarovski encrusted tub,,,why not?

Lori Burke Gardner is the woman behind this extreme luxury bathtub. It took her three years to complete the glamorous project which consists of a classic cast-iron clawfoot tub and rose pink Swarovski crystals. Called The Diamond Bathtub.

uh yes!

Now change the car to a Range Rover and I'll be all good!

The Rose Shoes are from designer Mai Lamore, and are priced at a whopping $27,945. The Paris-based designer made these heels to resemble a true rose– complete with petals, leaves, a thorny stalk and, yes, that’s a bee sitting on top of the toe-straps.  These pair of heels are considered a true work of art by some admirers.    To make these beauties, the designer used 18-karat yellow gold for the heels, hand-dyed the silk petals, and adorned the stilettos with precious stones like agate and…

Beauty and The Beast Wedding : wedding allure allure 8872 beauty and the beast disney las vegas mori lee paris themed wedding Rose Stem Heels By Mai Lamore.pretty, just wish they were minus the bee