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Video: See St. Peter's Basilica covered in Thousands of Candles!

For hundreds of years, a small group of Italians would cover the Vatican Basilica with thousands of lanterns and candles!

Whether you're new to the Catholic Faith or just need to brush up RCIA Webinar, hosted by a real Catholic Priest, is a fun and exciting way to learn! (It's FREE!) Click Below to sign up for the course.

RCIA Webinar is a live and interactive Class for those who are interested in learning about the Catholic Faith or Long Time Catholics who want to brush up on their knowledge of the faith. Registration is free!

This Is the Epitome of a Bad Day

Sometimes things happen, and you just cannot help but to shake your damn head at them. We've compiled a list of attrocious things, from all dark corners of the Internet, that just should NEVER have happened. Shame on everyone involved.

30 Rare Candid Photos Of Famous People Together

i like to see famous people doing regular things (not just their "public" persona or movie character) - it is nice to see. Alfred Hitchcock, the family man, catching snowflakes during a sleigh ride with his grandchildren, 1960