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    Flag Football Plays
    I love coaching youth flag football. This board is a collection of some of the plays I've online to my site and YouTube.
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    Setup for the sweep drill. The animation and write up of this flag football drill can be seen here: flagfootballacade...

    Sweep - Flag Pulling Drill

    Flag pulling drill that I use almost every practice.

    Sweep - Flag Football Drill

    Just one of the flag football plays available in the playbook.

    Youth Flag Football Plays - Download Now

    This is the flag football passing tree I use with my team. See it action and download a copy here: flagfootballacade...

    Youth Flag Football Passing Tree - Download

    One of my favorite drills. So many variations to put in depending on what you want to work on.

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    This is a drill that my kids love doing.

    Flag Football Agility Drill - 45s with Tennis Balls

    A good flag football play that clears out the deep defenders and opens up the middle.

    Trips Formation - Double Deep Flood with Opposite Crossing Routes

    One of my favorite (and kid's favorite) drills for practicing flag pulling. Good for a little conditioning as well.

    Gauntlet - Flag Football Flag Pulling Drill

    Good play with a few short options and one deep route. This play is excellent for tryng to get kids touches during games (Blue receiver)

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    3 Deep with an outlet over the middle. We can this one Tornado.

    Tight Formation - 3 Deep

    Huddle during one of our games.

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    Youth Flag Football Passing Tree - Demonstration on what it is with animations for each of the routes.

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    Youth Flag Football Play - Split Back Formation. Running plays out of this formation can be effective up to 9 years old.

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    YouTube Channel for Flag Football Plays

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    My son and I supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month during our flag football season.

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    Flag Pulling Drill for Youth Flag Football

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    7 Man Flag Football Playbook for iPhone.

    7 Man Flag Football Playbook

    This is a basic 4 man flag football play that every team has in their arsenal. The goal is overload the safety.

    Flag Football Plays For 7 Man, 5 Man, and 4 Man

    7 man flag football app for Android.

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    YouTube channel with several free flag football plays.

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    7 man flag football play. 60% of the time it works 100% of the time. More at theflagfootballpl...

    The Flag Football Playbook