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Whoever is highly skilled is always highly valued. -from the ancient Irish law book, "Uraicecht Becc".

Kingdom:  A #horse of the #Kingdom.

Karolina Wengerek EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHY Get me that bridle immediately, if I was a queen that is what I would demand, a dapple gray thoroughbred horse and this bridle.

Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Every man shall sit at equal height, at a round table to ensure equality. This is probably my favorite part of the Arthurian legend!

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Stained red glass sacred heart necklace - Inspiration for Yavi's Emperor's Ruby in To Seduce an Assassin by Jayla Jasso


I want a fearless hero.who will balls to wall brave any gauntlet, person, temptation, or force to have me

The White Queen

These 2 characters can play a modern version of King Claudius and Queen Gertrude. You can tell that Gertrude quickly moves on after King Hamlet passing.

SCA medieval finger gauntlets hourglasses :: by medieval store ArmStreet

Tomb of Edward, Prince of Wales, "The Black Prince" 1330 - 1376 Canterbury Cathedral

Inside Canterbury Cathedral ~ the impressive tomb and knightly figure of Edward, Prince of Wales "The Black Prince" -