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Winners of the UEFA European Football Championship 1960->2008. Follow the EURO 2012 LIVE on http://www.FlashScore.com/soccer/europe/euro/

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Premier League Final Standings - City scored 2 goals in stoppage time to defeat QPR 3-2. http://www.flashscore.com/standings/Ei1I2Y0q/xOR3gQta/

Primera Division Final Standings - Real Madrid 100 points! http://www.flashscore.com/standings/K2BMNx0S/2ar1uWVA/

REAL MADRID won their 32nd La Liga title after 4 years. Congratulations! www.FlashScore.com/standings/K2BMNx0S/2ar1uWVA/

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Arsenal FC vs Wigan Athletic prematch odds and statistics. Wigan Athletic F.C. is the 17th placed club in the Premier League who recently defeated top-four teams like leaders Manchester United (1:0) and Liverpool FC (1:2) and were only denied a positive result at Chelsea due to a series of dubious decisions, including bad offside calls for both Blues goals. ARSENAL will look to extend their advantage in the race for a CL spot as they host WIGAN. LIVE: www.FlashScore.com/match/4zPDoDkK/

FC Barcelona won 3-1 at Camp Nou to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. Two goals scored by Messi, both penalties and one by Iniesta. The Italian side scored through Nocerino. Leo Messi has broken the record for the most goals in a single Champions League campaign! The second penalty against Milan was his 14th. www.FlashScore.com/match/Gf5U0IS7/

Bayern München defeated Marseille 2-0 at Allianz Arena to qualify into the semi-finals of Champions League. Both goals scored by Olic. www.FlashScore.com/match/WjyQ3Krk

Salomon Kalou's away goal helps Chelsea put one foot in the Champions League semi-finals after a last-eight first leg win in Lisbon. Match details: http://www.flashscore.com/match/08pf9tLR

In the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals Real Madrid won 3-0 against APOEL Nicosia in Cyprus. Scorers: www.FlashScore.com/match/IqekAM5L/

Marseille vs Bayern 0-2 match stats. Scorers: www.FlashScore.com/match/vgdoB2jF/

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AC Milan vs Barcelona 0-0 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Match highlights: www.FlashScore.com/match/xUyM40Tr/

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Champions League quarter-final match odds. AC Milan big underdogs at home against FC Barcelona.

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Manchester United defeated 2-1 by Athletic Bilbao in Spain and the Red Devils are knocked out from the Europa League. Match details: www.FlashScore.com/match/8GhnlSJ9/#match-summary

CHELSEA FC represents England in the Champions League Quarter-Finals! Didier Drogba scored in the extra time to knock out Napoli. Summary: http://www.FlashScore.com/match/ADNrQVVE/

REAL MADRID 4-1 (agg. 5-2) CSKA Moscow - A Cristiano Ronaldo double helped Real Madrid qualify to the Champions League quarter-finals with a comfortable 4-1 victory over CSKA Moscow at the Bernabeu. Match summary: www.FlashScore.com/match/6TQVImOl/

Red Devils are on top of the English Premier League again after Man City lost to Swansea. http://www.FlashScore.com