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In the 20’s the riders would often share cigarettes while riding. They were believed to help “open the lungs” before big climbs.

In the early 1900s beer was commonly drunk during endurance performances, like during breaks at the Tour de France.

Until the 1960s, it was common for participants to drink alcohol during the race to numb the pain. Alcohol consumption was soon banned because it was considered a stimulant.

Is Scotch good for you

Discover The Duke Munich Dry Gin at Flaviar German Gin created in very small (tiny, really) batches. Made with 13 botanicals... and a surprise guest, Bavarian hops! That should make you very excited.

Juniper and spices When the subject of Gin is raised in polite conversation, some people get downright vicious. "Gin tastes like pine trees!" "I hate Gin." "I hate martinis." "I hate..." Ok, let's take a breath. On the one hand, kudos to anyone for having an opinion. On the other hand, opinions can be changed. And the right cocktail - regardless of your spirits preference - can be eye-opening, life-affirming, and opinion-swaying.

What better to entertain your friends with than extremely pure Vodka placed in a bottle that's shaped in the form of an infamous crystal skull? But here's the thing – this Vodka is really good. It was filtered 3 times through Herkimer diamonds, diamonds that are said to have healing properties... and other mystical powers ;)

In the world of drinks, one place where we repeatedly tend to drop our guard is pairing something tasty to go along with our barbeque. See the 4 tips to pair #BBQ and #booze

Crystal Head Vodka | Discover Crystal Head Vodka at Flaviar

Crystal Head Vodka | Discover Crystal Head Vodka at Flaviar

Tesla Sljivo Nikola Tesla believed alcohol to be “ambrosia”, or the food of the gods.

Glenrothes’ Ghost & Glen Grant Around the distillery’s centenary in 1978, a worker saw a ghost in the stillroom, an old local in fact. The ghost was a man called Byeway, or Biawa Makalanga. As a boy, Byeway was discovered by Major James Grant, the proprietor of Glen Grant Distillery, during his 1894 hunting trip in Africa.

The Sipsmiths: Jared, Sam, Fairfax, and Prudence / Photo: Sipsmith

Waxing the Sipsmith Gin Bottles / Photo: Sipsmith

Sipsmith Gin Still Prudence / Photo: Sipsmith

Sipsmith Gin Flavour Testing / Photo: Sipsmith

Sipsmith Distillery / Photo: Sipsmith

Jared Brown, Sipsmith Master Distiller / Photo: Sipsmith

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