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Ranger from Dark Sword Miniatures painted by Jennifer Haley

Male Ranger with Sword / Wineskin Options - Visions in Fantasy - Miniature Lines

Bright Wizard (Reaper Miniatures)

Reaper Miniatures have been doing their thing since the dawn of gaming. Naturally, when Pathfinder came out swinging the two were a natu.

Reaper Miniatures :: Miniatures

Cinder, The Red Dragon by Sandra Garrity. I've ordered one of these in plastic and it will be here September

toycutter: Theodore Bruckner, the Champion of Nuln, riding his huge Demigryph (Warhammer)

Have you seen the Slayer Sword winners of Golden Demon 2012 contests? Several recognized and award winning painters comment on these excellent works.

Ranger Mini - Reaper Miniatures :: OnlineStore

Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant Bobby Jackson - painted pattern on robe

Dwarf General on War Bear

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