muscletale: “ Damn those tight sleeves, damn them to hell. ” That Vein!!! Even a sleeve can’t hide it…

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athleticbrutality: “ Oooorahhhh SWEET FLEX bro. Yeah man he’s gotta USE IT for something more than just a selfie flex, THAT ARM baby. THAT ARMS A WEAPON. ” Bro speaks the truth, look at...

I decided that I wanted to share some of the images that inspire and excite me. My main tumblr (theburninglotus) is mostly self-shot and rather than confuse things at this point, this seemed like a good idea. So rather than images of TheBurningLotus, I...

64d13bf41502c4afc95e8de08ae4ddbc.jpg 720×960 pixels

64d13bf41502c4afc95e8de08ae4ddbc.jpg 720×960 pixels

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hot sexy handsome masculine you can use what ever word you like to describe him he is just hot