Bad Reputation: A Queen City Boys Book

Locations and other things for Ajax Bell's novel Bad Reputation (
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a young man wearing a black jacket and white t - shirt is looking at the camera
adrien jacques | Tumblr
Jamie Whalen (Adrien Jacques)
a young man standing with his arms crossed
Kevin (Brian Balchin)
Shane (Luís Batalha) Men's Fashion, Hot Male Models, Gorgeous Men, Hipster Man, Beard
Shane (Luís Batalha)
a young man in a white sweater looks at the camera with an intense look on his face
Gabriel Ellis (Alex Blair)
John Pieters (Jorge Gelati) Honey, Queen City, Books For Boys, Reputation, Eye Candy, Ass
把时间留住 —— 男模:Jorge Gelati - yyzz860627的日志 - 网易博客
John Pieters (Jorge Gelati)
Trevor (Taylor Ashmore)
Ford Models
Trevor (Taylor Ashmore)
a man with a moustache on his face
Frankie (Vincent Kartheiser)
a young woman with long hair and blue jacket smiling at the camera while standing in front of snow covered trees
Mo (Mélanie Laurent)
a man in a denim jacket smiling at the camera
Bash Kamenev (Tom Hardy)
an old black and white photo of some people at a counter in a fast food restaurant
Seattle news, weather, sports, events, entertainment |
Matzoh Momma in Capitol Hill satisfied the craving for blintzes, latkes and East Coast cooking.
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of large windows looking out on the city
Seattle news, weather, sports, events, entertainment |
Cloud Room: This restaurant and bar atop the 11-story downtown Camlin Hotel was known as a classy spot for dinner, drinks and music by a piano man.
a map with many different colored balloons in the air and on top of each other
Seattle 1982 - Google My Maps
Researched historic locations from 1982 Seattle, for reference in my novel, Bad Reputation.
an old fashioned cartoon shows people in the woods and on land, with signs that read all roads lead to the dragonhouse
Dog House Placemat, Seattle
All roads lead to the Doghouse.
an old newspaper article about steam baths in the city
SGN Page 14
South End Steam Baths
an apartment building on the corner of a street with cars parked in front of it
University of Washington, Seattle, Lander-Terry Hall
University of Washington, Seattle, Lander-Terry Hall :: NE Campus PKWY - Bash's dorm