coffee playdough recipe

Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough

"mud like" coffee playdough - perfect for the days the kids want to go out and get "muddy" but it's raining out. **I am going to use this in our bug unit I am creating right now and build the different types of homes bugs live in!

Peppermint playdough

photo of: Peppermint Play doh Recipe from We Heart Art @ PreK+K Sharing

Koolaid Playdough Recipe

Koolaid Playdough Recipe

Recipe - 1 cup flour cup salt 2 Tbsp cream of tartar 1 envelope unsweetened Koolaid 1 cup water 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil minutes in saucepan

Learn with Play at Home: Bricklaying for Kids. Invitation to Play.

Bricklaying for Kids. Invitation to Play.

Fun Play Dough for Kids: Make is Shine!

Make It Shine: {Super Shiny} Play Dough Ideas

Make It Shine: {Super Shiny} Play Dough Ideas- I like the ideas of drawing on the dough with markers, and adding large-grained sugar for texture.

Edible Marshmallow Dough | Mama Papa Bubba

Sweet & Stretchy {EDIBLE} Marshmallow Dough - Might try this sometime!

Soft as a Cloud Playdough

Soft as a Cloud Playdough…using only 2 ingredients

Soft as a Cloud Playdough - ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS! 1 part conditioner 2 parts corn flour/corn starch Food colouring (optional) That’s it!

A NEW & EASY way to color cloud dough; no powdered paint or crushed chalk needed!

Cloud Dough with Food Coloring instead of paint powder. 8 Cups of Flour 1 Cup of vegetable oil Candy Food Colors