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Call me crazy, but I see a winning writing prompt here. This could turn into writing on multiple topics. Medical, phycological, emotional, trauma, art, etc


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different!, ☼

bakerstreet | the picture prompt meme

(Rp anyone) he left me there to die but I wasn't going down without a fight. I threw multiple rocks at him hoping to do some damage but to no avail. I could feel the blood on my feet and my forehead. "How could you I thought we were a team" I say breathlessly. "I work alone" he said coldly with his back turned to me as he walked away "you will rue the day" I say as I let out one last breathe (need someone to be him)


This game is over. by galaxiesanddust on deviantART

"Aren't we supposed to feel safe at school? Because I feel like there is some blood thirsty beast chasing us, which this time it isn't Ms. Heins."


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