Thao Dien House via MM++ architects. #design

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Thao Dien House is a beautifully renovated contemporary villa completed by MM++ Architects, located in Thảo Điền, District Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Green wall

CR Land Guanganmen Green Tech Showroom l Located on the central lawn of a residential compound, the Green Technology Showroom is made of a recyclable steel structure that does not retain heat. The vertical grass paneling system provides insulation.

Kandalama Hotel, Dambulla, Sri Lanka, designed by architect Geoffrey Bawa

Kandalama Hotel Exterior Designed by Sri Lanka's best-known architect, Geoffrey Bawa, the Kandalama hotel was built as an environmental hotel. The jungle outside is free to climb the walls of the hotel, and in the rooms the life of the jungle is litera

DIY Recycling and roofing for beer drinkers. From preparing beer cans to actually build the roof - all 8 steps on this link:

DIY recycling and roofing for beer drinkers! DIY recycling and roofing for beer drinkers! Biotech worker and tinkerer Billy Robb has.

18 Kowloon East in Hong Kong by Aedas - LOVE the way the green meets the concrete. Brilliant architecture!

18 Kowloon East / Aedas

Landscaping and architecture go hand in hand in 18 Kowloon East by Aedas (Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, China).

Tree Well - way to be green city

The intent of the design is to engage the public in an emotive and legible way, whereby the passage and movement of the water into the system is through the information itself. -Leeds Street Tree Grates by HeineJones in Footscray

Stacking green / Vo Trong Nghia + Daisuke Sanuki + Shunri Nishizawa | ArchDaily

Stacking green / VTN Architects

Stacking Green by Vo Trong Nghia. A dozen layers of concrete planters create a vertical garden on the facade of this house in Ho Chi Minh City by Vietnamese architects Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

Green roofs transforming life in Toronto

What Cities Can Learn From Toronto's Green Roof Policy

C-Q Project / JSª

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