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Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk Flower Arrangements

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Silk Flower Silk Floral Centerpiece with Red Magnolias, Hydrangeas AR316 - Accent your home with a new silk floral centerpiece. This design makes a statement with its vibrant colors, and is a perect size for a large dining room table. Our lovely dark brown metal container is filled with beautiful brick red magnolias, peonies, hydrangeas, ivy and feathers. This can be customized to match your home's decor. 28"L x 24" W

Silk Floral Centerpiece in Red, Cream & Artichokes AR318 - A mix of Hydrangeas and Peonies in metal compote bowl. This lovely silk centerpiece is created with buttery cream peonies, deep red roses, hydrangeas and artichokes. 24 L x 16 H #silkflowers

Garnet Silk Flower Centerpiece with Roses, Hydrangeas and Berries AR319 - Beautifully designed centerpiece in resin bowl adds a lovely accent to your homes décor. Created wth deep reddish burgundy roses, hydraneas, and ranunculus. 24L x 20 H

Tan and Brown Silk Orchid Centerpiece with Feathers AR321 - Elegantly styled in beautiful resin bowl, with a unique appeal. Created with orchids, pheasant feathers, hydrangeas, & greenery 28" L x 26" H #silkorchids

Elegant Red Lilly Centerpiece with Feathers AR322 - Beautifully designed centerpiece in metal bowl adds a lovely accent to your home's décor. Created wth deep red tiger lilles, hydrangeas, peonies and feathers with grasses. 24"L x 16" W

Silk Floral Centerpiece with Hydrangeas, Roses, Peonies AR323 - This design is perfect for a beautiful display of color in your home. Created with High Quality silk peonies, hydrangeas, and roses. Accented with ivy, berries and pears. 26"L x 16 H

Hydrangea Urn Silk Floral Design AR324 - A wonderful accent for that certain spot, small size works great for any room. Created with burgundy, rust and green hydrangeas ina dark chocolate metal urn. 13 L x 13 W #SilkFlowers

Rose, Hydrangea Silk Floral Centerpiece AR325 - Beautiful arrangement of color for any room or season. Created with colorful hydrangeas, roses and peony. A perfect breakfast room size. A decorative metal vase adds further appeal. 16" L x 14" H

Silk Ledge Planter with Red and Gold Roses and Ivy AR327 - Wonderful for bookcase, armoires, fireplace or any special place to add that special touch of color. Created with roses, ivy, artichoke and grass. This item can be customized additional sizes and colors. 36" L x 15" H

Peonies, Hydrangea, & Rose Silk Flower Bouquet AR333 - Add a breath of fresh air to your #décor with this lovely arrangement. Created with soft light golden peonies and deep red hydrangeas, ivy and lemon leaves. 13"W x 12"H

Grand White Lillie with Faux Water AR328 - Magnificant display of white lillies in elegant glass vase, brings some of nature inside. 22" H x 10 " W

Green and White Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement AR332 - This extraordinary arrangement of silk hydrangeas in white and soft green will make a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Created with high quality silk flowers, custom designed to fit your space in a pedestal resin vase. 24"L x 18"H

Elegant Centerpiece with Hydrangea, Magnolia, Roses AR336 - This breath taking arrangement will add class to your décor and you will be the envy of your guests. Created with High quality silk flowers, crafted with hydrangeas, roses, and peonies 24"L x 20"H

Peony/ Rose/ Berry Silk Floral Centerpiece ARWF3947

Poppy/ Rose/ Orchid Silk Floral Centerpiece ARWF3944 #silkflowers

Hydrangea/ Rose/ Magnolia/ Berry Silk Flower Arrangement ARWF3911#silkflowerarrangements

Cymbidium/ Ranunculus/ Rose Silk Orchid Arrangement ARWF3910

Dendrobium/ Hydrangea/ Calla Lily Silk Orchid Arrangment ARWF3899

Protea/ Anthurium/ Dendrobium Silk Flower Arrangement ARWF3736

Hydrangea Mix Silf Flower Arrangement ARWF3713

Delphinium/ Hydrangea/ Rose Silk Flower Arrangement ARWF3702

Ranunculus Silk Orchid Arrangement ARWF3505 #silkflowers

Lily/ Grape/ Rose/ Berry #SilkFlowerArrangement ARWF2959

Daisy/ Cosmos/ Euphorbia Silk Flower Arrangemnet ARWF1201 #silkflowers