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We get so worried about being pretty. Let's be pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty funny, pretty strong. If you are not pretty inside then exterior beauty means nothing, as my daddy always said pretty is as pretty does.

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Night I love you xx it doesn't how much you sugar coat this were still going to have to be apart for years to come with out any reasonable explanation aren't we xxx we shouldn't have to live in a world like this any more I thought time had moved on xx

Hi perfect, I'm bri & I'm glad you exist & you have more than a million reasons to be here. If you feel unloved, remember that I love you. If you feel ugly, remember that I think you're beautiful. If you feel worthless, remember that I see your worth....

I actually wrote an essay about this for school, but the problem was that I also put in there that school is useless in some ways because of these and then proceeded to kinda dis school. I'm still waiting for my grade and I'm kinda nervous