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Came from the slave days, and was considered a medical disease which needed curing if a slave was wanting to escape. So, metaphorically speaking, this word can be used as a noun if you feel trapped and ache for escape. on Travel quotes quotes

Excellent advice

Excellent advice<-- clearly no shitpost, but indeed an excellent advice

All opposite of what American does. In France the doctor comes to your house if you need it, free dental care in England, Germany you get alternative healthcare along with traditional, all free.

(Pardon the language)

I go through a daily struggle of deciding whether to shut up or go fucking savage on everyone.

A MOTORCYCLE GANG OF HAGRIDS! Hagrid even has a motorcycle! TBH totally imagining Harry as a tiny Chihuahua with a little scar on it's head, tucked in Hagrid's pocket while on his bike.

Who tells people to stop crying? Just good support statements though Lauren B Montana

I either give too many fucks or no fucks at all. It's like I cannot find a middle ground for moderate fuck distribution.

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I wish I had a window seat with lots of pillows that I could sit in and drink (coffee & hot chocolate ) and read books in and watch the rain in.