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Teague talking to Mina about the curse trying too get her to make a deal where he would end her curse but she would have to stay with him forever on the fae plane(I would like that ending lol)|||| If it is J/T not only Teague.

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The Book Bucket List of a Twenty-Something

60 books to read in your twenties. (a blog where she posts her favorite quotes from each book as she reads them);

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26 Contemporary Books That Should Be Taught In High School

Top Pins June 2015

Dreams are bigger than fear as the way you erase is more important sometimes than the way you paint.

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The legacy of a great woman…

I've always loved everything she stood for! Such a great role model who just happened to be gorgeously gorgeous as well. I'm cheesy and I want to get married on May cause that's her birthday. Plus my first daughter will be named Audrey after her :-)

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