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learning play

How to build a geodesic dome. Neat-o. (When they're a bit older)

Exploding bags with baking soda and vinegar-science lesson. They take off like rockets!--kids would love this

A little science...This would fascinate kids. And me. Rainbow roses, you can do this by splitting the stems into strands and placing each one in food colouring the roses draw the liquid colouring into the petals, amazing!

Science experiment: Watch as the blue and yellow water travel up the paper towel and makes it's way into the empty cup making green water. Neat!

Let leaves soak in Arm and Hammer Washing Soda for a few days, then take a brush and lightly brush off the..leaf coat (?) And you have Translucent leaves

Science Project for Kids: This is a egg after it has sat in vinegar for three weeks. It swells and you can see the parts of a cell.

Teaching density! Shake it up and watch it separate again! - Cool!

Scavenger Hunt for a Rainbow Birthday party hunt for goody bags!

Life with Moore Babies: Our Place in the World

Take them thrifting to find an electronic device to tear apart.

weather frame to identify clouds!

Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain.