1st year Capt. Christopher Stricklin ejected from his USAF Thunderbird aircraft at an airshow at Mountain Home Air Force Base

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"Capt. Chris Stricklin ejects from the USAF Thunderbirds number six aircraft less than a second before it impacted the ground at an air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, Sept. 14 2003. Stricklin, who was not injured, ejected after both guiding the jet away from the crowd of more than 60,000 people." Too bad about the aircraft but Well Done on getting it out of the way! and cheers to Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III who took this fantastic photo!

The only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at Mach 2 (1,350 mph). Taken from an RAF Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with Concorde for 4 minutes over the Irish Sea: The Tornado was rapidly running out of fuel, struggling to keep up with Concorde at Mach 2.

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