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Golf Etiquette & Dress Code

Do you know the Etiquette of golf

#Infographic Golf Club Distances: How far should you hit each golf club? @pgatour #golf

The chart depicts the average golf distances for each club for men and women. We'd say that "skill" (swing mechanics & Center hits) & swing swing speed are the two defining factors; but, you can't just swing faster and expect results. No Joke!

How to improve your golf game! I Rock Bottom Golf #rockbottomgolf

It is easier to control golf balls when they aren’t hit straight. That is why it is important to work on your curve! Find more tips for improving your golf game by reading through this infographic from a golf club in San Jos

Arms -> Shoulders -> Hips -> Hips -> Shoulders -> Arms

Focus on the correct sequence of actions that make up a golf swing.

Create your own mini golf course. | 37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer

Use creativity and ordinary household items (cereal boxes, books, cardboard) to construct the course.

Pour que nos enfants soient toujours émerveillés...

Mobile arc-en-ciel Plus

10 idées pour faire de la peinture avec les enfants

Do It Yourself: Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle How cute is this SUPER easy art project that is perfect for to add a splah of color to your