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DIY Duck Blind

There are lots of ways to hide in the marsh. Some folks have published their red-neck engineering for others to incorporate their own ingenuity as needed. Here is what I've found so far.

DIY Duck Blind

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DIY: Homemade Spinning Decoys | Outdoor Life

DIY: Bag High-Flying Birds With Homemade Spinning Decoys

Decoy storage

Decoy storage ? You? - Refuge Forums

This is a 8'x20' modular pontoon boat I designed, made from 12" PVC watermain pipe. The PVC pontoons are filled with spray foam (optional)for extra buoyancy. The deck is five 4'x8' sections made from treated 2x6 lumber. The decks are fastened by ready rod that can be bent into U-bolts fairly easily. The ready rod is then insulated with PVC conduit to prevent chafing of the pontoons. The deck sections are bolted to each other using 3 Stainless steel bolts per section to keep it from flexing and r

3D Warehouse - View Model

Drifter's PVC Rod Holders

Drifter's PVC Rod Holders

DIY pull cord spinning wing duck decoy A clothes line pulley was put on a piece of 1/4 inch threaded rod with nylon spacer held together with 4 nuts. Also used the spacers as bushings in the side of the decoy. The glue u can see was used to glue the bushings to the decoy. When you pull the string the rubber band wraps around the rod on the sides of the pulley and then the tension pulls the string back.

Battery-free mojo homemade mojo

Battery-free mojo? Adding motion?

A few alterations to Mojo Wing Thangs and MOJO Teal for an easier set up and hunt.

Mojo Wing Thang and Teal alterations(1/2)

To rig single decoys, simply fasten the line to the weights, and then fasten the line to the decoys, and throw them out. Most decoys have holes in both ends of the keel. I like to tie two out of each dozen in the back hole so all the decoys don’t face in the same direction, adding more variety to the spread.

Easy-Does-It Decoy Rigging Tips

How to make a pull string spinning wing duck

How to make a pull string Duck

Another game cart made from a 3 wheeled jogging stroller. Modified with plywood base, paint, and bow rack...nice ingenuity

New Project...... - Page 3 - Iowawhitetail forums

Wheeled carrier and seat assembly for use while hunting with decoys

kayak cart

WaterTribe :: Read a Thread

decoy trailer behind bike

Bike Trailer : California Duck Hunting

homemade cart with a couple sticks of conduit and some old riding lawn mower tires

Decoy Dolly - for those backwater spots that are sometimes hard to get to, and a long ways back

Decoy Dolly - The Michigan Sportsman Forums

Cart made from a rear end of an old 3 wheel bicycle and 3/4 & 1/2" e.m.t. conduit. You can get the conduit cheap ay Lowes. Use the pattern of other carts and weld the thing together

Homemade deer cart? - Georgia Outdoor News Forum

Jet sled

Shappell Ice Fishing Gear

kayak caddy

Coast&Kayak Magazine: Black Magic Paddle and Nanika Caddy

kayak cart

Help, building a kayak cart - Refuge Forums

E-Z Haul Wheelbarrow can double as a decoy cart 1. It floats in about a half foot of water and has high sides so it does not easily tip over and spill gear 2. Inflatable tires, which is easier to push/pull than plastic or treaded tires that get clogged with mud 3. Simple design 4. It can hold about 3 dozen decoys, 2 poles for spinners, 3 backpacks and 3 guns, which is about its maximum load 5. Aftermarket parts are available. Parts if something does end up breaking