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DIY Duck Blind

There are lots of ways to hide in the marsh. Some folks have published their red-neck engineering for others to incorporate their own ingenuity as needed. Here is what I've found so far.

Blackhawk! Pro Shooter’s Forearm Sleeve

Field and Stream says the Avery Outdoor’s Killer Ghillie is a practical ghillie suit for the waterfowler...ahh, but is it cocklebur proof?

Folbot Sporting Life Model featuring Realtree Max-4 Camo...nice concept, portable kayak that folds up into a backpack, only weighs 40 lbs... couple of knocks are the price tag, potential durability in rocky stream system and myself, and limited storage due to weight constraints 300 lbs (add your dog, decoys, and yourself and probably maxed it out)

Genius....lounge chair outfitted with grassy camo

another blind with fastgrass and veg from the surrounding marsh

marsh grass camo stencil max4

Grass Camouflage Camo Boat Stencil 3 Stencils Included duck marsh

Leaves, grass (real and fake), cardboard cut outs, and netting can all be used as stencils to paint an effective camouflage pattern

Blind that was adjustable so I could use it on my canoe as well as a small Jon boat. Used 3/4" EMT conduit.

build a duck blind on a jon boat

Kayak, camo netting, raffia grass, ridge pole" of PVC by just bending a thin pipe between the two rear flush mount rod holders

Fastgrass panels on the left, Ghillie bundle on the right

Layout boat, doors, grass covered

kayak cloaked in fast-grass

light canoe rigged as duck boat

galvanized rods from hurricane fences, 550 paracord, and quick release buckles for frame on nucanoe for duck blind

create your own shade using shower curtains and pvc pipes...picture this in the marsh with fast grass in front and on top

Stowaway Hunter's Blind: Some burlap, tent stakes from camping store and a couple PVC T's for the reinforced support angle and this would be a cheap set-up

Duck House Waterfowl Blind...if they'd actually brush it up, it wouldn't look half bad

Very Lightweight, Folding Portable Blinds, V Blind Concept