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DIY book page wreath. SO easy and perfect for all of those old books to be put to good use!

I finally stopped being so lazy and made a wreath I've had my eye on for months now. This DIY book page wreath was super cheap and super easy.

Paint brush storage rack, paint brush organization

this paint brush storage rack will take you a grand total of 20 minutes to build and will use up 4 pieces of scrap wood from your pile.

The Sleeping Tiger by willustration / könnte als Konzentrationsaufgabe genutzt werden

" The Sleeping Tiger" by willustration. - (How many tigers do you see?) Also, if you look just right, the entire design makes a tiger stalking straight towards you!

Zabpelyhes zsemle Reggelire élesztőmentes, olcsó zabpelyhes bagett / zabpelyhes zsemle recept Lídiától smile hangulatjel Hozzávalók: 3 tojásfehérje 5 g só (Himalaya só ITT!) 5 g sütőpor (sütőpor ITT!) 50 g víz (a tojások nagyságától függően, lehet hogy picit több vizet igénye

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Jean Shorts are a summer staple. But we go one step further and show you how to DIY! Make hi-waisted jean shorts and DIY bleached jean shorts.