America's Best Hot Chocolate

We’ve pinned 15 shops and restaurants where we’ll be indulging in cocoa. And we want to know where you’ll get your chocolate fix! We invite you to pin your favorite chocolatiers to our board. Once you follow us on Pinterest, please send a request tweet to @FodorsTravel or an email to with a link to your Pinterest profile to become a board collaborator.

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America's Best Hot Chocolate

America's Best Hot Chocolate

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15 shops and restaurants with the best hot chocolate in America.

In San Francisco, Chocolate Lab's hot drinking chocolate is made with beads of pure chocolate and topped with a vanilla bean marshmallow.


Hot Chocolate, San Francisco Style A trip to Ghiardelli Square reveals the secret to sumptuous cocoa.

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    The Culture Trip


Hot chocolate and churros at Le Churro in NYC at 1236 Lexington Ave.


Don and Katy Kilwin began hand-crafting chocolates in the late 40's and they used only the finest chocolate and other ingredients. Today, Kilwin'schocolates are still hand-crafted in their kitchen using only the finest ingredients.

Kilwin's Chocolates & Ice Cream

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    gizem mystery


The place is so interesting. It is possible to watch how the chocolate it is made. It has so many kinds of chocolate to chose from and the display of delicacies is so wonderful.

SOMA chocolatemaker

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    Susan Denton Geier

    I really, really, love this!!

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    Amanda Aldrich

    I'll never forget their Mexican hot chocolate. Life changing!

For one of the best cups of hot chocolate in #CapeMay, NJ, come visit the Winter Wonderland Village and Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall. Made with decadent #Ghiradelli chocolate, this seasonal sipper will surely warm your spirit.

Congress Hall

Try the spicy mayan or classic dark hot chocolate. Incredible!

Adam Turoni has a way with chocolate! Stop by his #Savannah, #Georgia shop for a dark chocolate covered pretzel - each one hand dipped and covered with silver sugar crystals.

Chocolat By Adam Turoni

Chicago winters aren’t for the faint of heart, so fortify yourself with the perfect remedy at Katherine Anne Confections.

Katherine Anne Confections

  • AFP Nevada
    AFP Nevada

    check out our "American the Beautiful" board for more amazing places in the USA!

  • Elena Radu
    Elena Radu

    I would add Toronto, Canada. At Distillery District there is a place called "Soma Chocolate" . There, I am going for an Aztec chocolate. It is hot spicy and warming during the winter.

For a drink that'll warm your tongue and your stomach, visit Cacao in Atlanta.


A day on the slopes is best finished with a piping-hot mug of chocolate at Aspen’s The Little Nell.

The Little Nell

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    queeee ricooooo

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The Seattle chocolate shop, Chocolopolis offers a variety of drinking chocolates served with house-made vanilla marshmallows.


  • AFP Nevada
    AFP Nevada

    Go look at out our "American the Beautiful" board for more amazing places in the USA!

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    Monica Garcia-Espinosa

    looks delish! ♥

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    Livitalia Forniture Design Italiano

    in vista dell'inverno, una ottima cioccolata.

Boston’s Caffe Vittoria serves up some of the finest hot chocolate in the country.

Caffe Vittoria

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    Kim Williams

    We've been here! Awesome place!!

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    Ashley Krywko

    That looks amazing!

At Mindy Segal’s namesake spot in Chicago, hot chocolate takes center stage. Ingredients are perfectly proportioned to create unique blends.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate

Putting a spin on traditional hot chocolate, Artfully Chocolate in Alexandria, Virginia serves up delicious surprises.

Artfully Chocolate

For hot chocolate that has stood the test of time, visit Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe.

Kakawa Chocolate House

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For authentic Mexican hot chocolate, look no further than Rick Bayless’s XOCO in Chicago.


The biggest dilemma guests will face at New York’s Serendipity 3 is whether to order their hot chocolate warm or frozen.


  • Margaret Wilkins
    Margaret Wilkins

    Looks like a fun place go.

Compartes Los Angeles shop was frequented by celebrity chocoholics Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe and is still home to some of the country’s best hot chocolate.

Compartes Chocolatier

For one of the best cups of hot chocolate in Manhattan, visit City Bakery.

The City Bakery

For authentic French hot chocolate look no further than Bozeman, Montana's La Châtelaine Chocolat Co.

La Petite Châtelaine Chocolat Co.

  • Karen Duggan Ruttke
    Karen Duggan Ruttke

    Mmmm....reminds me of A'Tavola's hot chocolate in Boise, ID smothered in salted caramel whipped cream!! Delish!!

Visit French Broad Chocolates in Asheville, North Carolina for a taste of “liquid truffle.”

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

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    We need to stop next time we head to the beach.

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    Kastania Toomalatai

    I've been here! I knew it!

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    Stacey Fox

    The liquid truffle is amazing, especially on a cold night. They also make a delicious lavender creme brulee. They fire the sugar upon ordering so it is crunchy. One of the best places in Asheville.

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    Nancy Preston

    the best drinking chocolate ever

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    oh wow. i took this photograph several years ago!

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In San Francisco, Chocolate Lab's hot drinking chocolate is made with beads of pure chocolate and topped with a vanilla bean marshmallow.


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