Starting Succulents from Leaves- i love doing this and watching them grow :) you can get so many plants from just one succulent!

Propagating Succulents

How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves. Propagating succulents from leaves is a simple project that requires a few steps and a couple supplies. After cutting off a healthy leaf, the leaf will naturally sprout new roots, and a new plant.

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cactus in terracotta pots! Best color combo around love the b & w photos in back Office decor

Indoor plants, cactus, and house plants. All the green and growing potted plants. Foliage and botanical design

Lithops: living stones

Living stones, (Lithops), are unusual succulents that look like small, rounded stones. Also called flowering stones or pebble plants, they can live up to 50 years and rarely need to be repotted. Stunning daisy-like blooms appear in November and December.

Pink Cacti

Tob + Court’s Engagement Pink Cactus Warehouse Party Ideas Celebration Inspiration HOORAY!

Damn, I sure do love a decent greenhouse. This one reminds me off Jumanji. Oh, what I'd give to live in a house/petite jungle like that one.


Mixing jars with intricate plants makes a great and inexpensive accessory for any interior.

The Earthy And Worthy Art Of Pottery - Bored Art

The Earthy And Worthy Art Of Pottery

Fiddle Leaf

HOUSE PLANTS 101 - Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, similar light needs as rubber plant. I just brought one home, its lovely!