skull stitch

skull crochet idea - just incredibly awesome concept (pic is a cut paper skull)

Blankie Tank

Yarn Bombing

No matter your feelings on war, peace, tanks or pink, you have to admit this is awesome. That little pink pom-pom off the gun is just killing me.

Guerilla knit

Yarnbombing installations by Streetcolor on the streets of Berkeley , Oakland , Ca. , and Paris France 2010 to 2012 . Photos by Streetcolor .

Marianne Seiman

These amazing freeform garments are by Marianne Seiman, a mother of three small children who only recently began designing professionally in her native Estonia

crochet trunk

crochet covered tree > mind you, I would not use this on a fast-growing tree that thickens rapidly, as this art could last a good few years if mostly shaded by the tree itself, and made of a durable yarn

Fitzroy tree

Thanks to Berg for the tip to this fabulous new knit bomb interpretation! See so many doilies at thrift stores. Maybe I should do my tree in the back yard for the garden tour. That would shake a few people up.

brooklyn bike

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