Christmas lights

How to take glowing christmas tree pics. just keep in mind, the higher the iso, the grainier the shot, but if there's any movement, a slow shutter speed can cause some serious blur. Find a happy medium between speed and grain.

colorful macaroon tower

That is just pretty ~~ rainbow birthday party idea >> Spectacular cookie display! Looks like a christmas tree.

NYC for Christmas! I neeeed to be there.

One day, I will be in NYC for Christmas in Rockefeller Center.and I will ice skate in front of that tree!


Many color and size of Christmas tree decoration of choice, but for make elegant and charming looks, some people choose the white Christmas tree decorating ideas.


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Yo Yo Christmas Tree Tutorial

Kiwi At Heart: Yo Yo Christmas Tree Tutorial. make a mini christmas tree out of fabric yo-yo's.