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Foodem's Sustainable Saturdays

This board will feature Foodem's rants and raves about sustainability, particularly when it comes to food. If something catches your eye, be sure to pass it along:-).

Foodem's Sustainable Saturdays

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Although we’re slowly heeding the messages that Mother Nature has been sending us, our modern way of living continues to cost us all a hefty price. Environmental disturbances, including pollution and large carbon footprints, overuse of our energy resources, and the depletion of our water sources remain of major concerns.

In terms of farming, there is still some confusion or mystery surrounding the differences between organic and sustainable foods. While there are very distinct differences, they are not well known. Furthermore, this confusion has led some to refer to organic and sustainable as one and the same.

If you’re like me, you buy and go through loads of yogurt (Greek, for me) very quickly. I use it for soups, smoothies, desserts, and as a simple snack. Before I know it, the container is empty and I’m adding it to the pile of existing containers stored in my cupboard.

Sustainable Saturdays: More Than Just Yogurt | Blog @

Is your closet full of expensive household cleaners; the ones that claim to be “powerful” and “tough on stains and grease”? Do those same cleansers choke you or make your eyes water when scrubbing your shower or tub? If yes, why not go the “green” route? Raid your kitchen pantry and make your own, less expensive, non-toxic cleaning products. To get started, try using the food ingredients below to cut grease and fight stains, while saving your eyes and lungs from fumy irritants....

Oil is often portrayed as a villain, especially when it comes to haircare and skincare. Labels on many facial cleansers and moisturizers proudly proclaim “oil-free.” But is oil really such a bad thing?

When we hear about global warming, it is often just briefly mentioned as an abstract example of what can happen if we do not start living more sustainably and responsibly. Less frequently, though, do we discuss the direct physical and economic consequences of global warming...

Potatoes. Apples. Mushrooms. Almonds. You might think that what all of these have in common are healthy benefits or essential vitamins. They certainly fit into what most of us would consider the “healthy” category. But what you might not realize is that each of these foods contains toxic elements and, if prepared incorrectly, could cause serious damage...

Today’s post is all about solar energy as a replacement for more traditional energy sources. These more mainstream energy sources include the burning of fossil fuels, which depletes the ozone layer and exacerbates climate change. Solar power, on the other hand, simply utilizes the energy from...

What is homesteading, exactly? I had not heard of the concept until recently, either. Simply put, homesteading is a lifestyle choice, in which one’s goal is to be completely self-sustaining. (Basically, all of the ideas featured in our Sustainable Saturdays posts, magnified and combined!)

Food can be more than just a tasty meal. Some kinds of food actually have medicinal properties, and can be used as natural remedies to common ailments. Before the time of modern, Western medicine, people throughout the world used foods to cure illnesses. And we still can! Keep reading to find out more, and soon your pantry can double as a medicine cabinet...

Eating in-season produce is better for the environment and the foods just taste better. Summertime was all about crisp, cool veggies and refreshing salads. As fall turns into winter, our ovens and stoves are turned on more frequently and the ways that we enjoy vegetables changes. Hearty winter vegetables come into season as the temperatures drop. Here is a guide to my favorite seasonal vegetables for fall and winter...

Here on the Foodem Blog, we have talked about small ways you can save energy. But, how can you take that one step further to save water as well? Whether you are in the midst of a drought, or you would just like to see a lower number on your water bill, it might be worth making some minor changes in order to conserve water. It turns out, there are sustainable ways to wash your car, clean your dishes and stay hydrated...

Sustainable Saturdays: Little Ways to Conserve Water | Blog @

A few weeks ago, I shared some of the many benefits of forgoing meat a few days per week. But many people may be wondering what they can eat instead of meat to ensure they get enough protein. Or perhaps they just want to chow down on a meat-like food. The good news is that there are constantly new vegetarian products being developed, and endless ways to use them in daily meals. Here are some of the classic meat substitutes...

Who doesn’t love grabbing an oversized shopping cart at Sam’s Club or Costco, browsing the giant containers of relish or frozen meatballs, and of course who doesn’t love those samples!?