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Practical boat

This is Summer at it's best. A Redneck Pontoon Picnic Table. Need a little grill and then.Catch your dinner and serve it up right on the lake!

Fancy fountain

The Inflatable Swimming Pool Fountain.So cute ~ would be great at a backyard picnic or kids birthday party to use as a wishing well.where they could toss their pennies in and make a idea for an outdoor party


Love the shower set in the middle of the room. Also like the way the towels are folded under the sink. "Set Your Shower Free! Open Shower Renovation Inspiration" via Apartment Therapy


Whoever looked at an empty keg and a shopping cart and saw the seeds of something beautiful.

Nifty stairs

Using the space under your stairs can be difficult. You may need to call in a carpenter or skilled home repair person, but the wow factor and space you regain just may be worth it. Storage under your stairs is just one way to go you can also use the [.