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Saw it and Tried it!

Saw it and Tried it!

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UPDATE: This made my hair so super greasy! It took 3 half-hour mega hot showers to get it out. Disclaimer: I don't use shampoo. Maybe if you use shampoo this would be less traumatic? For any no-poo'ers out there, steer clear of this! Original pin: "Super Shine, DIY style: A whole lotta olive oil and a tbsp of honey. Mix it up and work it through your hair. Leave in for at least half an hour - overnight’s even better. Result: Gleaming, soft, smooth, totally non-staticky hair" Verdict: FAIL!

I want that skirt. UPDATE: I bought this book. The patterns are wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist (Out of Print, Limited Copies Left)

tutorial on how to convert an old tee into a Jane Eyre- era shrug. UPDATE: I made one of these from an old shirt. It worked well, but didn't look great on me. However, my niece LOVED it and it looked adorable on her. I used a long sleeve collared shirt (cut the collar away).

T Shirt Shrug

Brilliant! Homemade ice packs. We can never have enough ice packs. (Reminder: I have 5 sons.) UPDATE: I tried it. It wasn't for us. The boys were too hard on them and they broke open. Plus, they froze solid!

  • Renée G.
    Renée G.

    I always double bag them, just in case. Sometimes the zipper comes undone just enough to leak a little bit.

  • Ashley Rollins
    Ashley Rollins

    I love this idea... I am so going to try this!

  • Meghan Farrell
    Meghan Farrell

    You can also use alcohol and water...

  • HeyLena Alias
    HeyLena Alias

    how to make this

  • Harry Stone
    Harry Stone

    I use salt in the water... Same effect

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Zucchini chips. Will revamp to suit dehydrator. I think it'll stay crisper longer. UPDATE: These were so good. I topped them with a curry spice mixture and salt. Couldn't eat 'em fast enough!

Vittles and Bits: Baked Zucchini Chips
  • Lisa Parlett
    Lisa Parlett

    These work great in the dehydrator! They do stay crisp!

Cauliflower "popcorn". This was addictive! I ate nearly an entire head of cauliflower's worth in my first sitting!

Sweet Freedom: Cauliflower Popcorn
  • nanamifaso

    Will it work if I dehydrate this using an oven? Will it just burn to crisp without drying out?

Make flower shaped ice for punch bowls. Works like a charm!

Smoked paprika chipotle sauce

smoked paprika-chipotle sauce - Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

It was great!

Frosted bake shop: Guacamole Salsa
  • Janel B
    Janel B

    What did you put it on?

  • Foodie with Family's Rebecca Lindamood
    Foodie with Family's Rebecca Lindamood

    Last night was the premiere of Psych, so I did a dinner homage to the show. We had dos frijoles tocino nachos grande quattro quesos. Heck yeah. :-)

  • Janel B
    Janel B


liquid hand soap from bar soap ! I changed up the method a bit to deter microbial growth, but used the same proportions called for in the recipe. Love it!

How to Make Liquid Hand Soap from a bar of soap {DIY}
  • Mary Kay Craig
    Mary Kay Craig

    I am making this right now! I found that bar soap and am doing a batch to share with Chelsea. Smells divine, saves money and containers, etc, etc, etc...

  • Mary Kay Craig
    Mary Kay Craig

    I am making this right now! I found that bar soap and am doing a batch to share with Chelsea. Smells divine, saves money and containers, etc, etc, etc...

  • Julie McComas
    Julie McComas

    How did you change up the method?

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken from the wonderful I'm making this for dinner tonight. Will weigh back in on it! UPDATE: This was outstanding. It was simple (mince, chop, stir, pour, cook) and everyone loved it. In fact, my eldest son got mad at my husband for taking the last serving. I doubled the recipe and had no leftovers. A note about doubling: This had a LOT of sauce. No need to double the sauce next time. And I served it like Amy did. I did not toss the chicken back in with the sauce, but drizzled the sauce over the chicken instead. Make again!

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken — Very Culinary

Coconut milk whipped "cream". I am making this and I am excited! Update: Made it and loved it. I'm totally obsessed with it. I love to drop this onto hot chocolate or mochas, but my favourite is on top of warm rice pudding.

Coconut Whipped Cream

An Easy, No-Measuring-Required Way to Make Real Oatmeal Fast by lifehacker #Oatmeal #lifehacker I did this for a sleepover the boys had so their friends could all have oatmeal the way they liked it. It went over well, but the hubby (Mr. Oatmeal) and I agreed that we weren't thrilled by the texture.

An Easy, No-Measuring-Required Way to Make Real Oatmeal Fast

Snickerdoodle Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream oh dear me. Absolutely outstanding. I made a couple minor tweaks to the recipe but it is a keeper!

Veggie Bibimbap! This was a gorgeous, clean, filling vegetarian dish. We'll be breaking this out repeatedly during Lent!

Vegetable Bibimbap

Buffalo Chicken Rolls We tried these. While we liked the filling, the texture of the baked egg rolls wasn't a thriller for us. Next time (because we will try it again) we'll go all the way and fry them!

Buffalo Chicken Rolls