Let’s Celebrate

Follow along and get seasonal recipe, entertaining and edible gift ideas for all of life's celebratory moments. Sponsored by Pinnacle Vodka.

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Let’s Celebrate

Let’s Celebrate

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Master this simple chocolate cake and you can mix and match frostings as you please. Never show up to another birthday empty handed again.

Elevate your average mac and cheese with a blend of Gruyere, Cheddar and Roquefort, plus thick-sliced bacon for good measure.

With or without the lemon glaze, Tyler's Blueberry Scones are winners. Your brunch guests will thank you.

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We help you over the Hump (Day) with a Pinnacle Vodka raspberry lemonade & easy-peasy dinner idea! Effort is overrated.

Laboring over a hot stove does NOT necessarily a good host make. You don’t have to melt in the kitchen to whip up a low-key menu for weeknight entertaining. Our secret? Kick up a standard deviled egg recipe with hot sauce, jalapeno, scallions and chili powder, then top with sesame seeds for crunch! Pair deviled eggs with a healthy dinner salad and a cocktail for a complete meal and leave the heat to the jalapenos. Dinner: donezo.

Pretty as they are tasty, Ree loves to makes easy Blackberry Cheesecake Squares for potlucks and family outings.

We cooked up a great summer spin on roasted fruit! Watch out: you’ll want to eat them all before your guests arrive. Put a teaspoon of goat cheese on top of a slice of fresh pineapple and wrap them both with a slice of prosciutto. Spear w/ a toothpick & roast the rolls for 6 minutes at 425°F. When they come out of the oven, drizzle with a touch of honey and pop a little basil leaf on top. It’s like a Hawaiian pizza, hold the pizza. Or make a tray of these, call them “dinner" and eat them alone.

Ina makes rich Chocolate Ganache as a simple icing for shortbread cookies.

Zucchini Cakes are a terrific and tasty way to enjoy summer's bounty.

A premium vodka to cheers to the return of all your favorite fictional friends. #pinnaclevodka

These Manhattans come with a little extra sweetness from the cherry juice so you’ll love them whether you’re a Carrie or a Mr. Big (or a Stanford, for that matter).

We’re so glad tart, fruity cherry swiped right on nutty, exotic almond. Those two make a great couple and we highly support their union.

Hello, date night! Braised with wine, bacon, mushrooms and garlic, the smell alone of this classic chicken dish could bowl you over.

For the juiciest chicken legs in town, Ree's 5-star recipe more than does the trick. This is as simple as it gets!

A flavor to go with all the snacks stashed in your picnic basket.

PINNACLE® RAINBOW SHERBET RAZZ-TINI 2 parts Pinnacle® Rainbow Sherbet Vodka Splash of DeKuyper® Razzmatazz® Raspberry Liqueur 2 parts Lemonade Garnish recommendation: Lemon Wedge _______ Add all ingredients into a pitcher, and pour into your favorite pool safe glass.

Take basic hamburgers and hot dogs to the next level with a beautiful party spread full of thrilling and and unexpected condiments. Yes, thrilling! In addition to the traditional burger and dog fixings, make special sauces like fig ketchup, jalapeno relish, and Sriracha mayo that your guests will go crazy for. The best part is that it can all be made ahead of time so when they arrive, you just need to grill the meats and let the sauces be the star. It’s like wearing a classic little black dress

Pinnacle® Picnic Punch 1 part Pinnacle® Raspberry 2 parts ginger ale Add freezer pops Stir and add your favorite freezer pops for extra flavor.

Pinnacle® Peachy Keen recipe...Spring in a glass! PINNACLE® Peachy Keen 1 Parts Pinnacle® Peach Vodka 2 Parts Lemon Lime Soda ______ Mix the ingredients and serve over ice. Garnish with fresh peach slices.

Chicken Tikka Masala is essentially moist pieces of chicken in a creamy tomato curry. If you've never tried it, this 5-star recipe is the perfect place to start.

Giada's Mini Turkey Meatballs are the best of both worlds: they are great for a hearty weeknight meal AND for weekend entertaining!

Claire Robinson's cookies only use a few ingredients but the last one, sea salt, is key as it gives them their addictive salty finish. Since the cookies are flourless, they're very tender, so let them cool awhile on the pan before moving them.

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With a name like the Best Tomato Soup Ever, you have no reason NOT to try it. Grab a piece of crusty bread and dig in.

Unfried Chicken: After a quick dunk in hot-sauce-spiked buttermilk, boneless chicken thighs get a crunchy coat of corn flake crumbs and are baked to crispy perfection.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cone Cake: Combine dulce de leche and flaky sea salt to get the sweet and salty sauce in this towering cake covered in sugar cones.

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