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    All the delicious flavor of a peach pie delivered through a straw (but much healthier for you!).

    Wake up to tropical paradise in a glass in the form of an easy mango, strawberry and pineapple smoothie.

    This "Peachy-Keen" concoction owes its rich and creamy texutre to a protein-packed secret ingredient. Leave the skins on your peaches for added fiber.

    Like almost anything else, pecan pie gets even better with chocolate. This take on a Thanksgiving classic sandwiches pecan filling between a cocoa crust and toffee-like topping. Enjoy it year round!

    This French spin on an American classic sweetens the deal with apricot preserves, walnut accents, and a free-form galette crust.

    Recipe of the Day: Tyler's Ultimate Beef Wellington A certain holiday is coming up on the 14th, and Tyler's five-star beef Wellington is so special, you won't even have to buy a gift. Wrapping center-cut beef tenderloin in prosciutto and frozen puff pastry makes for a celebration-worthy dinner that's well worth the effort.

    Pumpkin pie need no longer be a once-a-year indulgence with this upscale version that adds amaretto and almond praline into the mix. The nutty flavors add a layer of sophistication that you wouldn't dare cover up with whipped cream.

    These sophisticated tartlets are filled with purchased fig jam and topped with bourbon-poached dried fruit. Browning the butter makes them extra flavorful.

    Layer your three favorite ice cream flavors over cake, crown with meringue and broil immediately for a showstopping dessert that's suprisingly easy to make!

    Cinnamon rolls get an Italian-style makeover in Giada's recipe: hazelnuts are mixed into the brown-sugar filling and mascarpone cheese is incorporated into the icing. "La Dolce Vita" indeed.

    Prepare apple pie's elegant French cousin: the apple tart. If you don't feel like rolling out dough, you can also press the crust mixture into your tart pan.

    Alton Brown demystifies a dessert classic. Silky, rich and indulgent, his easy-to-follow method promises perfect custard every time

    Recipe of the Day: Ina's Engagment Roast Chicken Ina's special-occasion roast chicken is simple to prepare and sure to impress. Flavored with lemon and a whole head of garlic, her bird is rubbed with olive oil so it leaves the oven with extra-crispy skin.

    Fleur de sel has a funny way of blossoming a regular caramel into a sophisticated salty-sweet treat. Pair with an espresso to mix in some bitter notes.

    Homemade fudge is a tasty alternative to those chocolates in heart-shaped boxes (and we guarantee that every piece will be eaten!).

    The brilliant colors of this dish come from tomato, basil, potatoes, peppers and onions. Best of all, it's an all-in-one meal that's ready on 30 minutes.

    Dress up canned tuna with cannellini beans and orzo for a pasta dish that packs in the protein.

    Stuff pitas with shrimp, kale and chickpeas for a light, Middle-Eastern inspired meal you can hold in your hand.

    Eggplant, tomatoes, ricotta and a sprinkling of basil make for a colorful dish with classic Italian flavors.

    Homemade white clam pizza--on a weeknight. The secrets to this sophisticated-sounding (but simple) recipe are canned clams and refrigerated pizza dough.

    Recipe of the Day: Ree's Twice Baked Potato Casserole Ree reimagines twice-baked potatoes in all their cheesy, bacon-loaded goodness as a comforting casserole you can pile onto your plate.

    Get the same savory and creamy taste of chicken Cordon Bleu by putting the classic stuffing, made with Gruyère cheese and ham, on the OUTSIDE instead.

    Satisfying pappardelle ribbons pair perfectly with sweet snap peas and ricotta in this simple meal (ready in about 30 minutes).

    Quick-cooking escarole and bacon make this gnocchi dish a breeze with just 10 minutes prep time.

    Tyler Florence's guacamole marries creamy and spicy thanks to serrano chiles stirred into the avocados. Just make sure to cover tightly with plastic wrap to prevent browning!

    Marcela shreds beef short ribs and marinates them in a blend of chiles, tomatoes, achiote paste and onion for Birria-inspired tacos.

    Recipe of the Day: Rachael's Vodka Cream Pasta They say the key to one's heart is through their stomach, and Rachael's 25-minute recipe is delicious proof. Toss penne in a luxurious pink-hued vodka sauce, filled with fresh basil, crushed tomatoes and cream. Adding a whole cup of vodka heightens the flavor of the tomatoes for the best sauce ever.

    Making tamales doesn't have to be a massive undertaking: keep it simple with store-bought rotisserie chicken and bottled green salsa.

    Tyler Florence's version of his 5-star tacos carne asada use two jalapenos and a heaping of garlic--but you can make them as hot as you want.

    Stuff poblano chiles with Oaxacan-style string cheese before dredging in cumin-scented beer batter and frying until golden brown!

    In Mexico, rich mole poblano is a celebratory dish that can take up to four days to prepare. In this recipe, Marcella Valladolid creates a streamlined version that packs in deep and delicious flavor and is easy to make ahead and freeze.

    This unforgettable party appetizer blends cheese, chopped corned beef and seasonings into a creamy dip that's then packed on board a hollowed-out bread boat. Anchors away!

    Recipe of the Day: Chocolate-White Chocolate Chunk Cookies Ina's 5-star cookies get their intense chocolate flavor from high-quality unsweetened cocoa, and their decadent texture from chunks of creamy white chocolate. Ina uses hers to make ice-cream sandwiches.

    Plenty of veggies and a few well-placed nips and tucks turn the typically calorie-laden dish, sweet and sour chicken, into a light, tasty and healthy meal.

    Bring the campfire indoors with easy 5-ingredient Toasted Marshmallow S'mores Bars. Sponsored by @Walmart.

    Lime-soy sauce dressing and a drizzle of spicy sesame oil give baby bok choy a flavorful kick, while steaming keeps the calories low and texture just right.

    Classic Egg-Drop Soup becomes a light and healthy meal thanks to low-sodium broth, chicken breast and a good dose of leafy greens.

    Put the takout menu down: this veggie heavy sweet-and-sour pork stir-fry is ready in just 10 minutes.

    Sweet and crunchy snow peas are as light and healthy as they are tasty--save time by using a purchased low-sodium stir fry sauce.

    Food Network Kitchen lightens up this takeout favorite, trimming fat and calories while packing in plenty of lean shrimp, veggies and the authentic flavors you know and love--and each serving is under 400 calories.

    Recipe of the Day: Quick Taco Dip If you're going to tear open a packet of taco seasoning, it should be to spice up this easy-as-it-gets taco dip. Use the blend of Mexican seasonings to amp up the beef-and-bean base, which is then piled high with all the fixings.

    To make this Midwest classic anywhere in the USA, pound pork tenderloin until thin, then coat in buttermilk batter and fry until golden-brown and crunchy.

    Jeff Mauro adds roasted butternut squash for a sweet nuance to the balsamic onions and Manchego cheese. They don't call him "The Sandwich King" for nothing.

    Kick your grilled cheese up to the big leagues with fresh sourdough bread, maple-glazed bacon and a flavorful filling.

    Classic Chinese flavors served as Jeff Mauro's inspiration for these addictive sliders. "I love the succulent pork coupled with the tangy and crunchy veggies and hot-and-sweet mustard," says the Sandwich King.