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Future prospects for upstream oil

Future prospects for upstream oil & gas services in Asia Pacific & TPP countries

Hyperinflation in Venezuela proves socialism does not work

Venezuela raising largest bank note from 100 bolivars to amid inflation

Importance of NATO’s Incirlik Airbase for Turkish-American relations

By Mehmet Bildik Turkey and United States have been close security partners for more than half a century.

U.S. should partner with Egypt to fight terror and protect Christians

should partner with Egypt to fight terror and protect Christians

Remarks of Secretary John Kerry on Middle East Peace

December 2016 The Dean Acheson Auditorium Washington, D. SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you very much.

Aleppo begins evacuation after years of civil war

Rosja ostrzega USA: odpowiemy na prowokacje wobec armii Syrii

Washington’s exiguous role in the Caucasus and Europe

By Peter Tase Who would have thought that Coca-Cola’s expulsion from Bolivia in 2012 would be the beginning of a historical demise of U. Foreign Policy influence not only in South America but also i

The essential data to analyze the Uyghur issue

By Giancarlo Elia Valori As is well known to all serious scholars and experts of the Uyghur and Xinjiang issue, the tensions with the Chinese State began long before the Communist Revolution and incr

United States-Canada Joint Arctic Leaders’ Statement

In March, President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau announced a new partnership to embrace opportunities and confront challenges in the changing Arctic, with Indigenous and Northern partnerships, and

Why Hillary Clinton and Democrats lost the White House, Senate, Congress, governorships and state legislatures

By Nikhil Vaish Anyone who believes Mrs. Clinton lost because she is a woman needs to wake up. There is no question that misogyny played a role, but she needed to win in spite of this because she was

Donald Trump picks businessman Rex Tillerson as his foreign minister to improve ties with Russia

Trump’s expected pick for State runs Exxon and received the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin ---- ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson once asked, “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?

Enough cyber-disputin’! We just hate Vladimir Putin!

The hysterical, unsubstantiated claims being made by the Obama/Clinton camp are a desperate attempt to delegitimize, if not overturn, the results of the presidential election. [Read more]