Let's be honest, every girl has wanted to do this since she first saw it on The Princess Diaries.

Let's be honest, ever girl has wanted to do this since she first saw it on The Princess Diaries. Throw darts at paint filled balloons!

how amazing that would be!

throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.I think this is a great idea, unless I don't like where it lands. When I turn I'm buying a map.

Girls night movie list <3

I can't stand that movie. Maybe add Coyote Ugly instead and Pitch Perfect should be on this list. I need to watch 500 Days of Summer and John Tucker Must Die so that I've seen them all. Easy A

put a towel over your face before the sand! oh my goodness, so funny!

- burry the person u came with in the sand except for their head! Then leave your body there but cove your head with a towel and put sand on top of the towel! Gonna do it next time I go to the beach!

Cardboard stair slide - since I have so many stairs, I might give this a try sometime.

The Contemplative Creative: Kids Project : Cardboard Slide - If only I had stairs in my house. The kids would have a ball.

The Pink Sand Beach, Bermuda

The Pink Sand Beach, Bermuda .WOW didn't know Bermuda had pink sand beaches as well definitely want to visit here

<3 zayn malik.

he's the only one i know who can look like a homeless man and still look absolutely perfect.

To live in London

I want to visit Buckingham Palace, take tea, stay in hostels, and of course, shop!

Things to do

Things to do! Except not the "online friends" part for me. and I've already made a pretty legit dream catcher.


"Blondes 'n Brunettes" Tank Top at D-Structure - San Francisco

How to float. 1: Pour some water. 2: Step away from water. 3: Take a photo

How to float. Pour some water. Step away from water. Take a photo. kid will love this. No photo shop! (the puddle of water makes a shadow kinda deal!